I’m guessing our hair is all rough and not fit to step out with, but you have to go out and you can’t obviously leave your head plus hair back at home, and you can’t make a new hair. Well am sure all females have felt like this at one point or the other, so instead of embarrassing yourself with the hair, I have decided alongside fashionists and beauticians to help out; my role is pretty limited though as am just going to do a quick rundown of how best to tie your scarves without looking old but rather looking trendy, gorgeous and a movie star.

f6d8f02b-b98b-46b7-9985-8b6272e98867To some people am probably speaking in tongues, but then, patience is a virtue, so don’t write me off. Get a lightweight soft scarf (not parshmina) but don’t just roll it round your hair just yet, rather pack your hair together in a bun in front. Then bring the scarf round your head, but from the back so the edges are in front. After doing this, twist the edges of the scarf together into one long straight line, after doing this, just take the twisted edges round the bun which is already under the scarf. And viola you have yourself a trendy upscale look. if you want, you could pack your bun at the side of your head or even the back of your head just do whatever suits your face shape or mood and there you have your own stylish look with nobody being able to guess the state of the hair underneath.

To get the movie star look with the scarf make sure that

  • Your scarf is lightweight
  • Your scarf is very colourful
  • The best kind of scarf to pull this off is usually scarves with print00257cc6-ef97-4b7c-b115-810f5ad3d4ca
  • Pair your scarf with a stunning selection of sunglass (shades)
  • A very cute make up, not facial colouring
  • A saucy attitude to go with your scarf personality and viola your bad hair becomes a
  •  thing of the past.

There are other ways of tying scarves but I love this the most.  Till we bring you other tips, remember that you can look good without emptying your bank account always. To use the words of a makeup artist, ‘Don’t be a fashion victim, do what suits you’. If this doesn’t suit you just send us a feedback and we would research more on how to bring fashion closer, but at a reduced or no rate at all, improvisation is key.


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