Woman Committed Suicide After Sleeping With Her Son

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

Joseph is a degree holder in business administration. He’d searched for a job for over four years after graduation, to no avail. Fortunately for him, he is cute, tall, and handsome, with a shining dark complexion to match. He’d been seduced by different women, but always had a way of turning them down, because he’d sworn not to ever walk in his father’s ways, who till this moment, is more or less a gangster at 62, without a wife, but with numerous children in his homeless duplex. In a bid to conquer poverty, Joseph turned himself into a professional gigolo, jumping from one wealthy cunt to another, and getting paid. Within a short period, he bought himself a bungalow house, and two brand new cars. In the middle of last year, joseph came across a woman, old enough to be his mother, but too beautiful and attractive to resist. She was tall, dark complexioned, busty, with large and round-big booty, the one that shook at every step she took, that Joseph always loved to walk behind and watch, even though he’d seen it all in her bedroom. Patience indeed was a pretty, elegant and gorgeous woman to behold, and then appreciate God for his unbeatable artistic skills. Joseph had fallen in love with her, and she paid him a million naira on a quarterly basis, because she’s a rich business woman. On this fateful day, after a hot afternoon sexual activities, Patience asked Joseph in a rather joking manner; ‘by the way, how old are you, young man?”

He wondered why she suddenly cared about his age she never bothered about all this while. ‘‘Well, I’m just 27?” Joseph said.

”Wow, you’re damn hot in bed! No man has ever done it to me this hot the way you do it.”

“Do you mind if I ask about your age too?” Joseph cautiously asked

“Sure, why not? I’m 56!”

”Wow! You look so young. You look thirty actually.”

‘‘Yeah people say that.’

”What about your husband?”

‘‘No husband”

‘‘And children?”

‘‘Yeah, I have two children, a boy and a girl, the girl is with me, you do see her?”

‘‘Yeah, and your son” Joseph asked.

‘‘That’s a long story” Patience said.

“I love long stories”

She cleared her throat, “Well, let me just say I abandoned him when he was still crawling, with his father, a notorious man, who got me pregnant, I tried to abort the pregnancy, but my intention was never successful”

Joseph got up; his face had changed, staring at Patience. This was the same story he’d often been told whenever he asked about his mother, and Patience was the picture of his mother his father had described.

”And what’s the man’s name?” He asked.

”Utethe Robert, from Isoko, Delta state, but lives in Lagos. He used to stay in Ojota, but the last time I went there to check for my son, he was no longer there, and none of his neighbours had any idea of where he now lives”. Patience said, stared at Joseph and saw him crying.

‘‘Darling, why are you weeping?”

”What you just told me, is what I’ve always been told whenever I ask about my mother, and the man you just mentioned, is my father”. Joseph said.

Patience broke into tears, as Joseph wore his clothes and left the hotel room, with tears on his face.

Patience got home and committed suicide. Now Joseph is so confused, not knowing what to do, knowing that he’d committed an abominable act by sleeping with his own mother, and the thought that his mother died because of him, tears his heart apart.

Dear reader, what do you think Joseph should do?


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