Why Most Marriages Fail


Often times, most people think a bad marriage is the fault of the woman for not being able to keep her home, which is totally wrong. In marriage everyone has his or her part to play, and when one part is failing the other gives up hope and falls off too.

Here are few reasons why some marriages don’t work out.

  1. Too Much Ego

Some people are so egocentric. They value their ego more than what they are beautifully building with their partners and these sorts of people are so selfish, that it must always be all about them in every situation. When it comes to marriage you have to break some of your protocols and rules. You just have to understand that your super ego will not make you happy; it will only ruin your happiness.

  1. Laziness

This disease is so strong that when it takes hold of you, you will be feeling it’s because God did not create you to suffer. Some men are so lazy to go out of their comfort zone, to provide for their family, and such creates disrespect from their women. Right from the time of creation, God has made men to work and women to assist, that’s why before God created Eve, he already  gave Adam work to do in the garden. In this generation manner don’t fall from heaven, you can only see it in your dreams, or if you work for it.

  1. Lack Of Understanding

In every relationship understanding is the paramount key, if you can’t understand each other, you can’t work together. Early stages of the feelings of love  erupting from both of your hearts will not keep your marriage strong as much as when you both understand each other. After having kids the love you feel will be centered more on your kids, understanding is what will keep you both strong.

  1. Not God’s Will

Most marriages fail because it’s not God’s will. Before we venture into marriage, we barely ask for directions from God. When we feel that tingly feeling about that person we are into, we just conclude that he or she is the one. Ask for God’s help before taking that bold step and know if you both fit into each other’s destiny. Marrying the wrong person will make you incomplete for the rest of your life. Forever is a long time to be miserable.


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