Most women will never really know why men cheat. Sometimes, women are so disturbed by this attitude of men, and some are going through depression.

Ladies, who have not been able to find the answer to this question of men’s infidelity to their wives, conclude that it’s in the nature of men to cheat. Others say men are polygamous in nature.

But what do men think is the reason they cheat on their wives?

I and two of my partners recently did a little research my selecting a group of ten men, all married, and below was our question sent to them to answer while guaranteeing them that their identities would be kept anonymous.

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Do you cheat on your wife? If yes, why? And if no, what do you think could make you cheat on your wife?

Greg Anonymous

I’ve never cheated on my wife. I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Urrrm… what would make me cheat on my wife? I really don’t see a reason.

But if I were to cheat, it would probably be because I want to feel something different and tighter… you know? My wife and I have been married for the past ten years, with four kids, and her body is not as tight and firm as she was before, and sometimes I miss that her former body.

I must confess, sometimes that temptation comes, like, I feel like having sex with a young lady with a much tighter V and firmer Bs, but I always quickly drive it out. I’m like, ‘hey, what’s wrong with me, my body isn’t the way it was before, I now have a potbelly, and she’s not complaining, so why am I?’

By the way, I married her a virgin, so I’ll be doing her a great deal of injustice if I cheat on her. By God’s grace I won’t cheat on her.

Tobi Anonymous

Yes I do. It’s not like I’m proud of that though. My wife is a good woman. But sometimes you just miss those crazy sex styles you had before you got married, and because your wife isn’t that good sexually, you find yourself having a side chick who can really make you go crazy in bed.

Sam Anonymous

I have really cheated on my wife, and she knows. I do it mostly when she deny me sex. She’s really not the sex loving type. She feels it’s one heck of a job.

Emeka Anonymous

You know, I planned that when I marry, I was never going to see any other woman. Looking at myself and what I’m doing now, I find it hard to believe. And I think it’s because each time I’m having sex with my wife, I feel like I’m raping her. She doesn’t participate in it other than open her legs for me. I really don’t enjoy such sex.

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Rodney Anonymous

Sadly I’ve become a chronic cheat. I can’t help it. And it’s because my wife nags too much. Due to her excessive nagging, I try to stay away from home and come to the house late at nights. Initially I wasn’t seeing any other woman while I was away from the house, but when you’re always outside, you’re exposed to so many cheerful girls who would want to keep you warm. It’s sometimes too difficult to overcome that temptation. That’s just it.


Chris Anonymous

I’ve been married for just two years now, and I’ve never cheated on my wife. But I think I will soon. Her orientation about sex is too religious. She just open her body for me, lying down and expects me to take her to cloud 9 without her input, as if she’s a log of wood. Sometimes it feels like I’m a rapist. I’ve tried to talk to her about it to see how she could improve, but she doesn’t care. She’s not even interested in talking about it.

Peter Anonymous

Yes, I’ve cheated on my wife a couple of times. And the reason? I missed the kind of sex I used to have before I married my wife. It’s really not her fault though, I was a sex addict before I got married. For one woman to keep me to herself, she really has to be sexually strong and good.

Otobong Anonymous

(Laughs) I have an affair outside marriage. I married a woman who used to be very romantic and dressed good, but she’s not anymore. Now she loves to wear those unattractive dresses. I buy her cute dresses, but she doesn’t wear them. I’ve even stopped buying. She tells me she’s now married to Jesus and so she can’t do those things anymore.

Having sex with my wife is trouble. I have to talk and talk and talk. Only once in a while you see her ready for sex. Tell me, are pastors’ wives not having sex again? Are they not married to the same Jesus?

Even me, am I married to the devil? No! I’m a Christian too. I really missed the girl I married. I’m only searching for her outside, if that’s what you call cheating (laughs).

Ike Anonymous

No. Not at all. I’ve never cheated on my wife. And I don’t see any reason to ever cheat on her. My wife is everything. There’s absolutely no lady outside there that’ll get my attention. She’s sweet. The best woman on the planet. What does any other woman have that she doesn’t have?

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John Anonymous

I’m guilty of infidelity in marriage. I think it’s probably because I’m not happy in my marriage. Somehow that emotional attachment is not there. We are not friends. We are just husband and wife. Funny enough, we had that until few years after our marriage. As a man, sometimes you need someone who can see through your heart and understand your feeling, make you warm and feel good. I guess that’s what I found outside.

Well, ladies, we always ask why men cheat. Now you have the answer. Though the answer from these ten men may not fully represent the several reasons why men cheat on their wives. Do you have any of the above challenges with your spouse? If you do, make some adjustments. Save the home and make it a happy home.

Elizabeth Nnaji (Marriage/Relationship Counselor)


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