stable relationship

When it comes to relationship, a lot of us thrive best on personal knowledge and intuition. However there are moments it goes awry, and that it’s the pint we need to reflect on our actions; what did we do right and what did we not do right? And then we can begin to fashion a way toward having a healthy and stable relationship.

 Acknowlegde The Fact That Everyone, Including You, Is Replaceable

Every part of the human flesh is loved and cherished by the owner of the body. However, when a pound of flesh is cut out from it, it poses a severe pain, but with time, the body regenerates a new flesh. Even when the one we love the most dies, somehow, nature has a way of replacing the dead with another whose love is far greater than the former. Do not for once think you’re your partner’s god, you can be replaced. Acknowledging this fact will equip you with a sense of humility which is one of the vital ingredients for a stable relationship.

Bury The Possessive Traits In You

Being too possessive on your partner brings about jealousy and nagging. Always trying to know where your partner is at a particular time, what he/she is doing at any time you’re not with him/her, gives your partner an un-quantifiable pride that he/she sees himself/herself invaluable and start to think he/she is your god. And sometimes your partner begins to see you as one irritating bossy fag. Your partner is not your wallet nor your mobile phone that you have to be with or know where it is at all times. You must avoid this, if you intend to have a stable relationship.stable relationship

Study Your Partner And Know What He/She Likes And Dislikes

 Have you ever listened to Luther Vandross’ song, ‘Buy Me A Rose’? That song tells the story of most relationships and marriages. We often love people the way we think is best, but most times such people wish to be loved differently. Avoid loving your partner the wrong way. You cannot please someone if you do not know his likes or dislikes. Probe into him/her and know his likes and hates.

Be Fashion Wise

Be clean and wear what fits you that your partner would adore, and always want to present you before his/her friends. Never allow your dresses to wear you, you’re to wear the dress. And just because you have successfully won your partner’s heart or he/she has become your husband/wife doesn’t mean you should drop your fashion sense that is alluring and start dressing like a village old woman with deflated breasts or the 19th century job applicant walking from office to office looking for what to meet his daily bread. Look good always!

Keep The Door Locked

Never open the door to your relationship or marriage for a third party to come in, Settle your differences at close doors. You can’t have a healthy and stable relationship with third parties coming to intrude. Lock the door. The room is meant for you and your partner only.


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