Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has lamented fans’ demands for giveaways from celebrities in Nigeria. According to the actress, she wishes she were a star in America and not in Nigeria.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Uche Ogbodo holds the view that it is wrong for fans to demand giveaways from celebrities.

In her words, Uche Ogbodo said, “Nigerian fans (I don’t know if it also happens in other parts of the world) think that all one’s years of hard work should be for their sakes. Some have even taken begging for giveaways as a business on social media.”

Uche Ogbodo

“Some fans would even say that if one doesn’t do giveaways, they wouldn’t follow one on Instagram. However, there are many things that celebrities bring to the table. There are many ways celebs can give back to society other than coming on Instagram to share money.”

“I do share money sometimes when I’m moved to do so. I have given out phones, clothes and other things on social media. But there is no compulsion that celebs must do giveaways all the time. Anybody that wants to follow me (on social media) should do that based on admiration for me and my work and not because of the money I have to share.”

Uche Ogbodo also shared her opinion on Nigerian celebrities who solicit for giveaways on the social media pages from foreign stars. The actress said, “It is crazy. I have never done it and I don’t even know that things like that happen. I only follow the Hollywood stars that I admire and I have never gone on their pages to solicit for anything. It is an insult for Nigerian celebs to jostle for giveaways from their foreign counterparts. I think it is really stupid.”


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