Trust Issues: What Breaks A Marriage Faster

Peters Precious Oshone

Trust is one of the secret ingredients of a long lasting marriage. Every solid marriage/ relationship is built on a foundation of trust. If you marry a person you don’t trust, you will never express genuine love to that person. Many couples fight and quarrel over issues that are purely based on trust. Lack of trust in a marriage can lead to abuse, separation or even divorce.

There was a story I heard of recently, about a couple living somewhere around my neighborhood. The husband was Mr. Jealous and the wife was Mrs. Lover girl. This lady kept enduring series of battering and abuse from her husband because of his trust issues. He wouldn’t even let her say as much as ‘good morning’ to a passerby, as long as he was a man.

Well, one day someone I know got involved in his jealousy madness and threatened to call the police when he saw the battering on the poor wife. But lover girl wouldn’t bear to see her husband even arrested, not to mention being locked up in a cell. She knelt down and begged for him to be left alone. And the case ended there. But my guess is that that woman still endures torture, isolation and physical abuse because her husband can’t trust the wife he married and give her the benefit of doubt when the need arises.

trust in marriage

Lack of trust make people keep secrets from one another, fear one another or even set traps for one another. Love thrives on trust. You can’t be completely in love with someone when you can’t be completely honest with them. You can’t express genuine affection to  someone you have reservations about.

The worst part about having trust issues is when we refuse to be open to our spouse about how we feel about them. So, you have a reason to suspect something about your spouse, why not just talk to them about it. Sometimes, proper communication might just be the cure. Bottling things up and assuming a whole lot of things will not do your marriage/relationship any good. You might just be wrong about certain assumptions and getting proper clarification might be the perfect solution.

Get over ego, pride or even your own secrets. Don’t wait until things fall apart before you work on establishing a distrust free relationship with your spouse. Marry whom you trust and trust whom you marry. Cheers!


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