The True Sense Of Fashion In A Traditional Marriage

Allwell Victoria

A lot of people are clothed inclined or think about wears when they hear the word; ‘fashion’. But is that all that fashion is really about? Well, fashion is not static. It speaks in diverse spheres of life, which is why we shall be looking at; ‘A well decorated traditional marriage setting’. Trust me; you won’t want to dose off on this. Just enjoy every bit of this amazing ride.

The Fashion Setting Of a Traditional Marriage

Many a times, we fix the traditional marriage in a manner that soothes our cultural practices or so, but then how often do we take importantly the African decorations and settings of a traditional marriage? I bet a couple of us overlook it and just go on to do what we know how to do best, ‘get two persons married in the traditional way’. There is no doubt that the essence of marriage is the two persons in quote. However, we must grace the event with special efforts in all ramifications as it is rightly called; ‘Traditional marriage’.

It is no news at all that all round Africa, traditional weddings are dying out with the normalization and influx of the Western African Weddings. Okay, let’s be more firm and straight. All we are saying is; ‘make it important to grace your traditional marriage with African designed decorations’. The question is how?

Oh! I love to answer simple questions as the one above. Here is how; simply decorate your chairs, halls, mats with raffia or native fabric designs.Plain gorges can be used for droppings and heathen pots for lightening’. You don’t see the beauty, right? Trust us when we say; it is ever beautiful to taste the flavor of African designed decorations. Decorating every item in the tradition marriage with native fabrics or raffia is a complete setting for a traditional marriage. If we can specially decorate our white weddings in the English way, then we can do same for our traditional weddings. Of course, you know what I mean.

Now, does that sound weird? Or do you think all of these are so unnecessary?

We wouldn’t mind a taste of your juicy thoughts here. So, don’t hesitate to share.



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