Trapped In-between Her Legs; My Agony

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

I’m probably the worst jerk in the world, for being trapped this way. And so when you read my story, call me names, I’ll understand. I only wish I could turn back the hands of time.

After graduating from the University of Jos, I had high hopes. With a second-class upper in mechanical engineering, the sky as I thought then was just a starting point. I was born into a wealthy home. The year I graduated, that silver spoon was taken from me during the tribal crisis that rocked the city of Plateau. My parents were butchered, and set ablaze in our home. The house wasn’t left out; the whole building went with the fire, including every document. I’m sure, if John and Sylvia, my only siblings had been at home, I would have lost them as well. That fateful day, I’d gone to school to collect my call-up letter for the NYSC. I was posted to Lagos. I was happy, couldn’t wait to see my parent to break the news to them. I got home and found people gathered in our house with some police officers. I was shocked to my bone marrows, for minutes, I couldn’t utter a word. I was dead-alive. A horror I hate to remember.

From that moment, our new home was my grand parents’. We had a bulk number of sympathizers trooping in and out of my grandparents’ home.  Loads of promises made by my dad’s friends. Few weeks later, we couldn’t see anyone. None of the promises made was kept. Life suddenly became ruthless. No money. My grandparents tried their best to see my younger ones through secondary school. There was hunger; poverty.

After my youth service, I was determined to change things. I searched for a job, wrote several aptitude test and attended several interviews, but I got none.  I decided to approach my dad’s friends to help me secure a job, they only continued in their empty promises. Lastly, I met Mrs B (I wouldn’t want to mention her name for now). Mrs B. was the Assistant General Manager when my dad was the General Manager in one of the banks. They were friends, and she used to buy me and my siblings gifts, and whenever I visited dad in the office, she gave me money.

The day I visited her in her office, she was so happy to have seen me. She apologized that she’d not been good to us. It was the nature of her job, she rarely had time for even herself and her family. I understood. I told her about what brought me to her office and she asked me not to worry that she would take care of it. That day, she took me out for launch. And when I was leaving, she offered me some money which I collected with all pleasure. I was happy. Now there was a glimmer of hope. I never knew I was on my way to be trapped.

That weekend, Mrs B. invited me over to their house. When I got to their house, her husband was just leaving the house in a dark Toyota Landcruser. He saw me, and then stopped, we greeted and he drove off. He’s a successful business man.

Ma’am B. welcomed me in and offered me drinks. She sat beside me. Her children were not at home that afternoon. She told me that I’ll be working for her, and that she’d be paying me seventy thousand naira per month, and she’ll be helping me sometimes to change my wardrobe. I asked where the office was, or if I were to resume as her secretary at the bank. She said; “Not at all”, she got up and then added; “I’ll let you know tomorrow”. She went in and brought her car key and asked me to follow her. That day she bought me a new phone (I sold my former phone due to the hardship) and a new line, and then took me to my house. She had me trapped already by her kindness.

On a Sunday morning, at some minutes past ten, she called me on the phone and told me she was at one hotel. She asked me to come that there was something she needed me to help her to do. I got to the hotel, and walked me to her hotel room and locked the door.

To my surprise, Mrs B. took off her outer clothes; she had nothing under, just naked. I turned my face to the wall. “Turn around and see what I’ve got for you” she said, and I moved toward the door. “If you move, I’ll shout rape and you’ll spend years in prison”. I stopped. “Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Come on, boy, come and taste my sugar. I’m better than those little girls you’re interested in. They can’t give you anything. This is the work I said you’ll be doing for me.” she said. The last thing I noticed, she was all over me, pressing her tits on me and pulling off my clothes, and then I did it. I was finally trapped.

That was how it all started. I had to take care of my siblings and see them through university education. Today, I’m just a kind of gigolo to her. She pays me as she promised, and she buys all clothes I wear. But now, life is miserable to me. No freedom. She calls me all the time to know where I am, the person or people I’m chilling with. I have a girl whom I love so much and intend spending the rest of my life with. Somehow she got to know. She hired some boys and had her beaten and then threatened her to stay away from me. Now my girl doesn’t want to see me anymore. I’m so confused right now.  I’m so trapped in-between her legs? Damn Confused! What do I do?









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