Tips On Modelling Etiquette

Kahlan-Queen Chidinma

The last piece on modelling etiquette, we discussed quite a number of things some models lack morally, but today, we’ll be looking at a few tips on modelling etiquette and how to be top notch on your morals. First of all, remember that you are working with people and for people; people with emotions, feelings, flesh and blood. People who could actually get hurt by what you say or do and people who are sensitive. Some of them have other issues in their lives that are threatening their sanity; money problems, children problems, spouse problems, health problems, etc. So the last thing they need is to come to work and have you dump your ugly attitude on their laps.

So what now?

Remember that if you want to gather honey, you shouldn’t kick over the beehive, avoid criticism, avoid being antagonistic. Always remember that you can never truly win a friend by Arguing, and therefore observe these tips on modelling etiquette.

Okay, I heard recently that models should make friends but not keep them. I really beg to differ. I know the industry is about competition and survival of the fittest but friends are the ladder you need to get to that peak you aim. This and the tips on modelling etiquette bellow should be taken serious by any model or an aspiring model.

You have to be a ‘people’s’ person.

You have to be really interested in people.

Be pleasant and be nice.

And most importantly, learn to smile. I tell you, you don’t know how much good you are doing for humanity by smiling.

Accept corrections pleasantly; avoid murmurings and breeding contempt.

Be yourself and avoid being too fake.

Let’s try to make the industry a more habitable place now. Shall we?

The author of this article, Kahlan-Queen Chidinma is a model and a beauty queen. She is a contributor to Cosmic Ray Magazin’s modelling content.


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