Tips On Finding Your Soul Mate

Margaret Bailey

To have a good soulmate is everyone’s desire, but it’s often difficult to have one. Here, I’m going to be highlighting certain things you must do to find one.

Make a list of the qualities you need in a man.

Don’t just make this list and ignore it when your heart starts beating for the next man. This list is supposed to put you in check and not make you get into a relationship mainly because you love him. Always remember this, just because you love a man doesn’t mean he is the right person for you. Do not write things like: “I want him to be a microbiologist, an engineer or a neurosurgeon”. You could wish for them but do not make them a criteria for finding your soul mate. Rather, focus more on wanting him to be a gentleman, religious (if you are religious), helps with the household chores, be educated, loves children (if you are a lover of children) loves music (if you are a lover of music) and so on.

 Be disciplined and principled.

State your rules the moment you decide to go into a relationship with him. Do not be scared that he would run away. If he is truly your soul mate, he will abide by. Tell him to state his as well, as this will make the both of you avoid hurting each other.

Be prayerful.

Talk to God about him and talk to him about God. This will make your relationship stronger. Talking and agreeing about other things, means the both of you have different ideas. But look at life from the same perspective.

Healthy arguments

If he does something and you don’t like it, say it. Arguments should bring the both of you closer to each other and not pull you apart. Don’t always avoid arguing with him; if you do so in a relationship, you wouldn’t know how he manages his anger.

Don’t play hard to get, be hard to get

A man asks a woman to be his lover. She tells him she will think about it and a few weeks later, she agrees to be his lover. After a few dates or eve on the first date, she goes to bed with him and she tells herself she is hard to get. That is not being hard to get that is just playing hard to get. Tell him to wait till you both get married and give him a good reason why he should wait that long then you’re hard to get.

Self esteem

This is important as it will make you appreciate yourself as a person and when you do, you would understand the importance of finding the right person for you and still be happy if you don’t I love the saying: “Being single is better than being in a bad marriage but being in a good marriage is ten times better than being single.”



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