There is a new version of terrorism that has been going on for quite long now, but the society is yet to recognise it. It is fanatically and ideologically based. I call it Gender Cold Terrorism. The male chauvinists and fanatical feminists now idolize misogyny and philogyny. Domestic Violence and Emotional Disorder are the battle ground. The primary victim is the home, and by extension, the society, which becomes the secondary victim. Not so many in the society talks and complains about it, hence the reason it has not been fully regarded as a Social Problem. When you see children or youths acting violent in the public and prejudicing against the opposite sex, it is what they learned from their homes. Since this problem affects the society generally, it should be seen as a Social Problem, and therefore be treated as one. This problem has, in the advent of Social Media, increased drastically. Social Media fuels this problem, and if caution is not taken, the havoc this problem would wreck in the society will be highly unimaginable.

A man comes online, he says; “A lady must respect her man and not the other way round.” His fellow misogynists support him, and add their fatal opinion on how the woman must behave, based on how it would favour them. They forget that respect is meant for all, irrespective of the gender and even the age. A child of five-year old can be accorded so much respect if the child has earned it. If a little child can be respected, how much more a deserving lady?

A lady comes online and says; “It’s not compulsory that the woman knows how to cook. Why can’t the man do the cooking? They have equal rights.” In a matter of seconds, you would see other fanatical feminists ready to skin alive with insults, whosoever opposes that argument. I personally do not believe a lady must know how to cook, so long as her attitude is human friendly, but it should not be argued to be a right. The funny thing however, is that, ladies supporting the poster may be cooking delicious meals for their boyfriends or husbands at home, while they encourage the other to stand by her right and tell her man to do the cooking himself. A foolish lady takes the advice and her relationship is destroyed, whilst her advisers are enjoying their own relationships.

The above, and many other negative and unhealthy utterances you hear and read people say against the opposite sex, on daily basis. And all these lead to emotional terrorism in the home and relationships. Why do we care so much only about our personal ego and comfort, but disregard others’? Unchecked male chauvinism and fanatical feminism all lead to self-distruct, and the impacts directly and indirectly affect the society.

terrorismFinally, we must be very careful who we take advice from, because it’s not everyone who advises you that cares about you. Whatever will make your relationship or home work and be happy, do it and forget your right. We must avoid fighting for our rights when it comes to relationship and family. If we live by our individual rights at home, the home suffers, but if we live by love, friendliness and tolerance at home, the home is beautiful and joyful; a happy home.

If we must build a better society, the building must begin from our relationships, and from the home. We must fight against Gender Cold Terrorism, if true equity and justice must prevail in the society.


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