Tell-Tale Signs To Note In A Relationship

Margaret Bailey

Tell-tale signs are signs men and women notice in the beginning or even in the middle of relationships. People often ignore these signs and at the end, they say: “I had a feeling something was wrong’’ or How could I have been so blind? Or even “I should have known better.” They get love drunk to take any sign they notice, seriously.

 Today, I will share with you some of these signs women ignore. They are either fascinated by his degrees, assets and even his accent or love him even if garri is all he has to offer. Both cases do not guarantee a happy relationship.

Just because he spends money on you does not mean he loves you, he just might be generous in nature. Do you know how many other women he extends his generosity to? Just because you drank garri with him when that was all he could offer does not mean he would continue to cherish you when he has better things to offer.

 Poverty gives most people temporary humility that expires when the coins in their pockets can make jingling sounds.

 Here are some examples of those tell-tale signs:

  1. You call him and in the middle of a conversation, you ask where he is. He stutters before he states an answer and when he does, he doesn’t sound certain. (There could cases where he really doesn’t know where he is). Still, it shouldn’t happen always.
  2. He is always absent minded when he is with you. This is an indication that someone else is occupying his thoughts.
  3. He is so busy; he doesn’t answer your calls or have the time to send you a text.
  4. He looks bored whenever you are together and looks like he would rather be somewhere else.
  5. He tells you he will hit you. He will do it someday. Don’t say: “He just said that out of anger” or “He just said that to scare me.” This is a promise and a violent man would one day, get tired of saying it and fulfil his promise.
  6. He always calls, not to ask how you are but where you are. This is a sign that he is the jealous type. Jealousy is good but to an extent.
  7. He is quick to judge you and does not hesitate to draw people’s attention to any mistake you make.
  8. He thinks your opinions are inferior to his. He wants to win every argument he has with you and loves to be the one who is always right.

Do not for any reason ignore the tell-tale signs if you must avoid regret.


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