How Do I Tell My Boss The Children He Calls His Own Are Mine?

(By Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys)

First time I set my eyes on her, I had the premonition. I saw it vividly, like the future was being played on a screen for my view. Something didn’t seem right in her eyes. Things were fashioned to go wrong. But I had no choice. No choice. After walking all the nook and cranny of this city, with my shoes attracting every dust that came their way, and sweat gumming my cheap shirts to my body that had been disfigured by the spears of hunger, with my certificate, looking for a job to no avail, premonition couldn’t have been bold enough to stop me. I had to survive.

    “Ken, you’re a BSc holder, second class upper at that, and you think you’re okay with the job of a gate-man?” Her husband said to me.

“Yes I can sir” I said. If only this man knew what I’ve gone through searching for a job in this country. I thought to myself. I took up the job and now I was able to send some money to my siblings every month. I did virtually all jobs in the house. Madam initially was hostile to me, but she later changed and started treating me well. Her husband owns one of the biggest oil companies in this country. They had been married for three years without a child before they employed me as their gate-man. Few months later, her husband took me as his personal assistant. He wasn’t happy with me being a gate-man with my certificate, and so he hired a less educated person who manned the gate. And so my life changed for good. At a point I became almost a full member of the family. When my boss was not around, especially when he went on international business trips, his wife always needed my attention in the house. I took her clothes to dry cleaners and helped her with some domestic works.

     Something happened one day. And that one day attracted so many ungodly days. I’d just arrived from the dry-cleaner’s place. The house-help had gone to the market to get some provisions. I sat in the sitting room watching CNN World News. Madam came in her miniskirt with two glasses of wine which she offered me one. She sat on the chair beside the TV and just stared at me. Several times our eyes met and she winked, with her tongue out and caressing the tongue with her finger in a seductive way. I pretended I wasn’t seeing what she was doing and focused on CNN.

   “Ken, please can you reduce the volume a bit?” She said. Her voice forced my attention to her; she was twisting and opening her legs. Her fresh looking thighs parted and I saw her labia. She wasn’t putting on any underpants. ‘What is this woman looking for? God forbid, I cannot lay with someone’s wife. How can I enter what has already been overstretched by the rightful owner when I have a fresh girl at home’. I thought, remembering my girlfriend that had come to visit me, who was at home waiting for me. No doubt, madam has all the body physique to drag even a holy man come in-between her legs. But can the hole that had received her husband for more than three years still be tight and warm enough? No way. I thought to myself while trying to focus more on the news even though I now had a divided mind.

     “Ken, tell me you don’t like what you’re seeing.” She said.

     “Madam, trust CNN any day anytime, I like their news”

      “Come on, you know that’s not what I’m talking about” She said.

I got a little confused, what was I going to tell her. I rose on my feet. “Madam, I have to go now. I have lots of things to do at home before Monday.”

      “Oh Ken…” She said, rising on her feet, “you don’t have to go”. She got closer to me and held my hand. “Have me before you leave, Ken” She undid her top, and her boobs stood firmly on her chest. I shoved her off my hand and tried to walk away.

       “Ken, if you dare! I’ll shout rape and the gate man will run here now…” I stopped, totally confused. What do I do now? I thought. She continued “I’m sure you want to keep your job…” She held me, undoing my shirt.

       “Madam please stop. Please.”

        “Ken, I’m sure you don’t want to spend the better part of your life on earth in prison.” These last words worked for her. She pushed me to the sofa, unzipped my trousers and took my manhood into her mouth.

       “Madam, please let’s not do this, your husband has been very good to me. I can’t betray him. Please.” She wasn’t listening to me. She took off the skirt on her and was now stark naked. She ordered me to take of my clothes while she lay on the couch, spreading her legs, ready to take me in. It happened. She got what she wanted. I left for home unhappy with myself. This crazed act continued for years, and I’ll be lying if don’t admit that I later fell into lust for her. And I wasn’t giving my girlfriend attention anymore. Madam has three children now: two boys and one girl. I’m yet to get married. The eldest child is about seven years. The children all look like me. I know they’re mine. I think the children deserve to know who their true father is. The day I told madam that the children are mine; she was fulminating and threatened to kill me. What do I do?


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