A Submissive Woman, A Happy Woman


The word submissive can be referred to as being humble. But often, African men take the word to mean slavery, in the sense that a woman should be under them, do their biddings religiously without having any opinion. This is wrong. A woman was taken from the ribs of a man to be by his side not from under his foot for him to trample on, or under his buttocks for him to sit on her head. The Bible’s part about a woman being submissive doesn’t mean she should not speak, sees wrongs and keeps quiet and allow her husband face difficulties because she want him to feel respected or to feel like a man.

How To Be Submissive

It’s not difficult. Be Obedient to his plights; women should learn how not to talk recklessly. Be polite, cultivate the habit of being humble, a submissive woman is a happy woman; not only your husband but everyone in your life will appreciate you. Respect your man irrespective of how successful, intelligent or beautiful you are, there are other more beautiful and successful women he might have come across in his life,  but he chose you, acknowledge that.

Why A Woman Should Be Submissive

To have a blissful marriage and a happy life, you have to submit to your husband, and make him feel like the man always; correct him in diplomatic manners when he is going astray, not with fights, or arguments. Yeah, some men are quite slow till you argue or shout at them, before they understand, but not in all cases. I know we women are control freaks in nature, but please allow him to take the lead at all times.

Respect His Wish

His friends are not your friends, and so respect his boundaries, his privacy. Yes, both of you are one, but you have different minds and different lives; give him space, cater to him, give him love, respect, a helping hand, stand by him in secret and in open, and listen to him talk without interrupting him. Yeah sometimes he might not be making sense, just be a good listener.

Protect Your Home

Be nice to everyone around him. It’s not everyone that will like you, just do the needful, don’t judge him, don’t complain too much about everything, some things should better be left unsaid than argue or quarrel with him in public or where your kids and any other family members are. No one needs to know your business, it’s your lives together, and no third party is needed. Protect your home religiously.

Men Lead Rightly

Men, your woman, will be submissive to you, not just because you buy her nice things or take care of her responsibilities; she will submit to you if you treat her right, show her love, respect and understanding. Most men don’t know how to lead, that’s why they feel their woman is not being submissive.

Note that she is your wife, lady, best friend, mama, sister, and not your child you can talk to or order around. You need anything, ask her politely, not with commands or being too authoritative. Whatever you give to a woman she gives you double in return. Every woman can be submissive, depends on how you are leading.




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