Perfect Makeup
  • Stretching the area around your eye to make the perfect wing.

Why is this wrong? Here is why; pulling your eye back when putting on eyeliner would not only break down the sensitive skin and elasticity around your eye, but our Naija beauty expert, Hopelyn Amarachi says if your eye isn’t relaxed when applying makeup, you could end up with a horribly uneven line. In short, it’s a lose -lose situation.

Quick fix: While there are lots of internet’s tricks out there, that most times results to key makeup fails unless you are a beauty guru. Celebrity makeup artist, Juliet Awoh says using post-its for stencils usually does the trick for creating the wing that is just the right size for everyday wear. What is more is that you will save the skin around your eye and avoid getting a dragged down look when applying eyeliner. Interesting, right? Then try it out.eye


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