“Stick To The One You Love,” Desmond Elliot Advised.

Allwell Victoria

En! Guys, let’s go there. My heart is melodious, even though my voice needs to be trained so you can feel the sweet flow of pride in my heart-felt song to the words of Desmond Elliot.

I think it’s high time we painted white the white acts and words of our celebrities in Nigeria. And yes! Desmond Elliot has become my first Star actor to behold as a man of honour. I must have been shocked myself to deem it necessary to share this with you. Since, I am a fan of words; I hold every word in high esteem. Let’s enjoy the flavour of salt I tasted in the words spoken by Desmond, when asked about the embarrassing moment with female fans.

In my profession, you meet people every day; male and females alike. While there is no need to be a snub, you also have to be cautious about being over-friendly. I have had many experiences with ladies. Some ladies call to have a date with you. Some others offer me money just to sleep with them; they make passes at me. Acts like these are embarrassing to me. The point is this, how many fine girls are you going to date? You just stick to the one you love and life would be easier and more enjoyable. Women chase me because I am an actor and if they don’t do that, it simply means that I am not yet an actor. In fact, being chased is not the issue, what matters is that whenever I perceive that I am about to be chased, I run. I run because I have an ambition, which I don’t want women to ruin for me. I run from them if they want to go beyond the level of being my fans to another level”.

Now, that’s not all at all. You wouldn’t imagine his reaction to this question; “So, you think it is your Christian life that has saved you from all the women escapades and plenty money to offer, as I hear the figures are huge and tempting and most times difficult to resist?”

”God forbid! I am a Christian; I love my wife and children dearly. I am not prepared to jeopardize the peace and love that reigns in my home. For young men who cannot resist these women and their money, good for them. People are different and so are our priorities. I had always wanted to settle down from as young as when I was eighteen, but somehow, it didn’t happen. I am a strong believer in the family. A man who wishes to succeed in life must keep the home front happy and the way to do so is to flee from temptation”.

Okay, now, that is a true sermon to some Naija guys or men who do not understand what it means to have one woman among the many pretty and sexy ladies in a life time. Guys/sirs, my advice is; take heed to the words of a great personality, whose success has shined through Nigeria and Africa; Desmond Elliot. And to our ladies and mummies offering money to our cute guys, chai! There is god o!

My burning questions to ask; “why can’t our men stick to one woman in a life time?”&s “What pushes a woman to offer money to a man for sex?”

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