Sonia never expected it. It was tempting. She knew she shouldn’t do this. She looked away. Yet, the picture her eyes had captured illuminated in her head. She couldn’t forget it. Thoughts had begun to surge: alluringly compelling, yet scary.

She could not stop it. It was overwhelming. She was too weak to do it. She was trapped. She moved toward the door. “Come on, Sonia,” she heard his voice behind her. “It’s no big deal,” he said. The voice was deep as usual, but this time, it was captivating; sexually enthralling. 

Flee from sexual immorality and stay away from fornication. She recalled the preacher’s sermon this morning; barely two hours ago. She got to the door. Her hand reached to the knob.

“You’re sure you don’t want this?” Again she heard him behind. “Just tell me you don’t feel what I’m feeling right now,” he added. She paused. Her hand stayed on the knob.

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Sonia Frederick, just fifteen years old, looked much older than her age. She was tall and curvaceous, and the most chirpy one and youngest in a family of five. She was well-stacked, and that had made people around her, including her parents, wondered how a girl of her age could have such full breasts.

Compared to hers, her elder and only sister’s, were nothing larger than the table tennis balls; though she was eight years younger than her elder sister. She’d become a target for the male students in her school, teachers, and some paedophiles in her neighbourhood.

Sonia had managed to avoid them and maintained the mummy’s good little girl status, adhering to her mum’s warning against men. But lately, sexual pressure from her female friends, about a year or two older and who were already sexually active, had been overwhelming.

They’d made her believe she was missing something beautiful and pleasurable, and had recently made her watch pornographic films on the internet, through their phones severally. She’d seen the nakedness of older men through the videos, and now had knowledge of what her mother tried to shield her from.

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Sonia had seen it all. The images she’d seen from those pornographic videos left the mental pictures in her head. She could picture it; she could see it, even at night before she slept. Now she wanted to try it. But she was scared; afraid of the dangers mummy told her about getting close to men.

Her friends had told her there was no danger, that her mum was only scaring her away from sex because she was afraid Sonia would be distracted from her studies. They assured Sonia there was no danger and that it won’t stop her from always coming top in her class.

Though she still had fears, but somewhere in her mind, she thought her friends were telling her the truth. If there were any dangers, why haven’t any of my female friends suffered any? She thought.

“Come on, Sonia, please don’t leave,” the voice begged.

Sonia moved her hand off the door knob. She turned to look at him. “But you’re my sister’s bo…” she paused, her heart jumped to her neck seeing his hands at work on his penis; masturbating.

TO BE CONTINUED (check here next week for Part 2)


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