“You’re sick and confused,” Sonia rebuked him and picked her handbag to leave. She made to the door with difficulty, and then paused and looked back over her shoulder. “Don’t you ever dare come close to our house again, because I’ll disgrace you if you do.” She opened the door, but turned to give him the last warning. “Stay the hell away from my sister, he-goat.” She walked through the entrance and slammed the door behind her with anger.

Sonia really wanted to walk very fast to the bus stop, but she still felt the pains that really made her walk difficult. She progressed anyway, regretting ever coming to her sister’s boyfriend’s place alone. Her phone was ringing. She thought it was her sister calling. How would Samantha feel when she finds out I slept with her fiancé?

Sonia brought the phone out of her bag and looked at the caller. It was Cassandra, her closest classmate. She picked it.

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“Babe, where are you? I’m in your house.” Cassandra’s voice asked over the phone.

“On my way home,” Sonia replied.

“Please be fast, we have to be at my boyfriend’s birthday party.”

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to follow you anymore.”

“Don’t say that. We are going together.”


Sonia got to the bus stop, flagged an approaching cap. It stopped and she hopped in, and told the driver her destination.


Sonia and Cassandra walked side by side on the pedestrian pathway by the less busy road, chitchatting. Sonia thought the sun that had laid its fiery finger on the earth since afternoon had suddenly been cowed by the unseen messengers of the night who may have reminded the sun of its inevitable death at dusk. It was now 5 pm, and Sonia knows she must be back to the house before 7:30pm according to the rule set down by her parents for the girls.

Somehow, she felt the urge to tell Cassandra what happened today, but she feared what her friend may think of her. Would Cassandra still trust me to accompany her to her boyfriend’s birthday party when she finds out I betrayed my own sister by sleeping with her guy? She thought. Sonia decided to bottle up the secret, at least for now.

They got to Sanya Street, taking the direction. A group of men in their thirties where standing by the street. There was something not right about them. Sonia could strongly feel it but couldn’t quite fathom it. Cassandra didn’t seem to care; her gaze was far from here. The neighbourhood was the typical African low class urban area and the street had several potholes.

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Sonia heard a whistling sound. She tried not to look at them as she and Cassandra inched closer to them. She was familiar with the sound; it was the unsophisticated men’s usual way of calling for a lady’s attention in this part of the world.

“Two of you are acting as if you don’t know it’s you’re I’m calling, right,” a voice said harshly while the men started toward Sonia and her friend. Cassandra’s attention was fully here now and she felt really scared. “Come on, stop there!”

“Let’s run,” Sonia whispered to Cassandra, but before they could run, they were already surrounded by six men, and of the men pointing a gun at Sonia’s head.

“If you cooperate, you’ll live,” a voice warned from behind, “but if you try nonsense you’re dead.”

To Be Continued


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