She was stunned. Sonia could not take her eyes off the black pitched-tent between his legs. When he took his pants off before her about three minutes ago, that she had to run towards the door, avoiding her eyes from it, it wasn’t this tough and tempting. She was jaw-dropped. Spellbound. She lost a grip over her emotion. Though its size looked really scary, she could find no feet to run away.

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It happened. Painfully, Sonia lost her virginity. As she watched him cleaned up himself with tissues whilst she was lying on the sofa, in her pants and bra, she felt an awful hatred for him. She was very angry. She wished to God she could reach her hand to a gun this moment and kill him. Sonia still felt herself within. Her genital bleeding was soaking her under-pant even though she’d cleaned up after the sex, and the pain had yet to subside: his size was really huge and had a hard time penetrating into her. She knew she had to leave here now. She’d stopped to look at him. Her hatred for him convinced her that he was not worth more than a heap of faeces to attract her stare.

“My sister sent me here to give you the food items she bought for you with her own money,” Sonia said, bringing her leg to the floor, “This must be your way of saying thank you to her.” She wrinkled her face as she felt pains more.

He looked at her as he wore his jean. “I’m sorry,” he said, walking toward her, “I just couldn’t resist the thoughts and sexual feeling when you came in.” He recalled the sex he had with Sonia’s sister, his girlfriend, two days ago, and how great she was in bed. Sonia was not as good as her sister but he thought she was sweet. Of course he knew it was Sonia’s first time and was willing to teach her next time. He thought she would be better in bed than her sister after she must have had a few sexual experiences.

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“So my sister should take that crap for an excuse, right?” Sonia asked, wearing her top.

“She doesn’t have to know.”

“She’s your girlfriend, and she loves you.”

“Yeah, I know… but…” he ran his right palm from the top of his head down his face and sighed. “Sonia, I’m sorry I have to say this,” he gazed at Sonia who was not in the mood of seeing his face anymore. “I’ve been hiding this feeling,” he said, reached to Sonia to hold her hand, but she shoved him off. “I love you.”

How dare you say that? Sonia thought, and with the multitude of her anger, picked up her footwear, threw it toward him, aiming at a vital part of his head.



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