Beauty Tips To Making Your Skin Shine Like A Star

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Have you ever looked at pretty models in magazines and wondered what makes their skin shine? Beauty is not just about the money you spend on yourself. Every star has her beauty secrets. Some people think they just end up having those shinny smooth skins as a result of all the money they spend on themselves; that’s half true. The complete truth is that you can become your own star and make your skin shine with the amount of money that you have. There are a few items that can make your skin shine and attract admirers. These we would be looking at in this edition.

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Preshy dainties
  1. Moisturizers and Exfoliants: take a few tablespoons of your olive oil and a hand full of bath salt or bath exfoliating crystals. Pour in your bath water. Soak in it for 30 minutes or have your bath with it. A daily treatment is necessary to make your skin shine. Also add half cup of honey or milk during your bath. There are lots of moisturizers and exfoliants in your regular cosmetic store. You just need to find the type that suits your skin and ofcourse, your pocket.
  1. Moisturizing oil: after your bath, pat yourself with a clean towel and use a moisturizer immediately. The moistness of your skin should be trapped under the first coating of your moisturizer. This is one of the tricks to getting an instant glow for public appearances. The moisturizer makes you feel cool and makes your skin shine.
  2. Sun block moisturizer: apply a sun block moisturizing cream/lotion on your skin to tone down the shine on your skin to be just right and to prevent dryness throughout the day. Make sure you read the table of contents on the body of your cream/lotion to ensure that the sun block is not less than SPF 20.

Now you have the three main secrets to look great and make your skin shine like a star. Keep checking this space for more on beauty tips. Cheers!


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