SKIN CARE: How To Look Good In Spite Of Your Skin Condition And Aging

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Looking good, we say, is good business; especially having a good skin condition. Different skin conditions occur such as dehydration, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, acne etc. But there are several skin care techniques that can protect the skin and keep it looking fresh for a longer time.

Hyper pigmentation is an excess of skin pigment that can result from both sun damage and pregnancy. Hydroquinone is a chemical that is very effective for this skin condition but the side effects are numerous including worsening of the pigmentation problem in the long run. The best treatment for this is good protection from the sun. Generous use of sunscreens and performing multiple exfoliation treatments in the spa as well as brightening products for everyday home use, can reduce hyper pigmentation.

Facial lines and wrinkles are also increased by sun exposure. Ninety percent of overall aging skin condition any one will experience is as a result of sun exposure. Dehydration and dryness are both functions of environmental and sun damage. Protect your skin from the sun and prolong the aging process or from bad skin condition.preshy daintie 2

You can give yourself ‘facials’ before applying make-up. This will help to make your skin look young and fresh. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll be sharing the steps to giving yourself a good facial. Remember, a daily routine works best to improve your skin condition.

Step 1

Use your cleanser. Always use a cleanser for your face and not soap. Soap dies not wash off dead skin cells, dirt and makeup. But cleansers do. Make sure your cleanser is specific for your skin type. Do not use harsh cleansers for blemish prone skin and do not over-scrub.

Step 2

 Use a toner. The toner completes the cleansing step by dissolving oils completely, including dead skin and other dirt remaining. It closes and tightens the pores back and freshens the face. If you’ve got aging or oily skin, get a toner that has AHA (alpha-Hydroxyl acids) in it.

Step 3

Scrub gently. In order to avoid over scrubbing, don’t spend more than two minutes on this step.

Step 4

Use a mask. A clay mask for oily skin, peel off mask for mature skin, nourishing mask for dry skin and a combination mask for combination skin. Always avoid your eyes. Keep this on for 7 minutes or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 5

Use moisturizers. Even if you have an oily skin, using moisturizers helps your skin stay hydrated just the way it should be. You need two that suit your skin type; one for the day and one for the night time. Day moisturizers must also double as sunscreen protectors for good skin condition.

Follow these steps and you are on your way to having a beautiful and when nourished skin. Have a healthy skin condition.



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