SKIN CARE: How to Pamper Your Beautiful Skin 2

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SKIN CARE: How to Pamper Your Beautiful Skin 2

Welcome to the second section of how to pamper your beautiful skin. In this edition, we’ll be looking at the Combination skin, Dry/dehydrated skin and the Oily/problem skin.

  1. Combination Skin: this type of skin is partially oily and partially dry. For example, the forehead and the central part of the face (what we call t-zone) is oily and the rest is dry. Sometimes, the reverse is true for this type of skin. Treatment for this type of skin should be careful and deliberate. Dry areas that are too dry and flaky should be treated with facials for dry skin.

 Also, the severity of the t-zone area should also be accessed and viewed to see the treatment to use. A weekly oily skin mask might be required for a beautiful skin.Moisturizers for this type of skin are usually high in water content to add to the needed moisture, but lacking in oil; so they can also benefit the oily t-zone areas.

  1. Dry/Dehydrated skin: this is the flaky rough skin type. It feels tight especially after washing and lacks oil and moisture. Dehydrated skin condition signifies a lack of water in the skin. This could be the result of aging, sun exposure or poor weather conditions. Oftentimes, dehydrated skin shows early signs of aging which is the most difficult to correct.

 Dry skin on the other hand is alipidic (meaning lacking in oil). This skin type needs a lot of moisture and sun protection. Before treatment, proper assessment of the actual cause of dryness must be ascertained first. Treatment must include products that contain ingredients that hold in moisture like special serums and water based treatment creams. Anti-aging facials combined with well-designed home care products containing lipids and oil, are also very helpful to have a beautiful skin.preshy daintie 2

  1. Oily/Problem skin: this type of skin is known for excess oil secretion. It appears shiny and thick and is mostly at risk of breakouts. This is because the pores are blocked as dead skin cells remain on the skin surface. To treat oily skin, you have to first exfoliate the built up keratinized cells. Then moisturize the surface with an oil free moisturizer.

Do not over treat. Exaggerated cleansings can increase an oil problem. Gentle exfoliation (scrubbing), good cleansing and moisturizing helps to balance the secretions and prevent skin build up. This is important for a beautiful skin.

Everyone has a skin type but not everyone has a skin condition. Conditions occur in different skin types. These include hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, birthmarks, and acne among others. Join me in the next session of skin care as we study how to manage these conditions and pamper our beautiful skin.



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