SKIN CARE: How To Pamper Your Beautiful Skin 1

Peters Precious Oshone

The first step to good facial and proper skin care is knowing the type of skin you possess. You can’t pamper your skin unless you know its ‘love language’. You might feel weird each time you expose your skin to sunlight but your sister’s skin might be just fine with it. Just as we have different DNAs and genetic makeup, our skin types and conditions also differ.

We might have to go all the way back to Biology class in order to properly understand our skin. The skin has two principal layers: the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (inner layer). Your skin regulates your body temperature, and is an important sensory organ in the body.

The primary determinant of skin types is the secretions produced in the skin. Secretions determine whether the skin is dry, normal or oily. There are five main categories of skin types:

  1. Normal skin: smooth to the touch, plump, soft, functions well and has no excess oil or dryness. A daily regimen of cleansing and stimulation with exfoliation (gentle rubbing) of dead skin cells is important. The skin should also be protected from environmental damage. The goal of treating this type of skin is for maintenance and to prevent/postpone the aging process.
  2. Sensitive skin: skin that is genetically predisposed (that is, the person was born that way) or has been sensitized by aggressive treatment, is called sensitive skin. Special treatment methods with reduced sensitizing factors are usually employed when caring for this type of skin. Perfumes and certain preservatives with high ingredient activity can easily irritate this type of skin.

Other types of skin include Combination skin, Oily/problem skin and Dry/dehydrated skin. These we would be looking at in the next edition of the SKIN CARE series. Have a fun time pampering that beautiful skin. Cheers!


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