What You Shouldn’t Wear During Summer

Allwell Victoria

Fashion talks! We can never have enough of it. It is a little bit different today and I surely wouldn’t want to blab or make you feel good. Let’s just say it’s a time when hitting the point on the nail is desperately considered. Cos’, I can be as unpredictable as the weather of Lagos State, Nigeria is these days. One hour seems heavily loaded with rain and the next, a burning flame with scorching sun heavily romancing your skin with drops of sweat fighting not to be seen. Ouch! Sort of weird and of course, extremely, annoying. And that is why we just have to discuss wears you should wear during dry or raining season.

  • Tight Clothing

It is no lie at all that tight clothes can be quite fashionable, exhibiting the nice curves or shape you‘ve got to spell out to the world. However, we cannot say it is the best clothe to be worn for summer. Why? Tight clothes can restrict blood flow in the breath-taking air of some hot weather.  Is the risk of deep vein thrombosis really worth it? It is best to ditch those skinny jeans or tight fitting top for natural, breathable fabrics. Be fashion wise in your fashion choise!

  • High heels

Truthfully speaking, high heels have the surest ways of adding class to your style. Many Naija celebrities and fashion icons show case high heels in movies or show biz at the brisk shines of the sun. And yes! You don’t think that’s bad at all? As bad as it isn’t, it would be quite uncomfortable to have heels on under some uncomfortable weather. Try to picture how hurting it feels to have pretty heels on, then envisage such tantalizing hurt with a burning heat straight from the sun. I know what it feels like, because, as stupid as it sounds; I have had to face such despicable stress, once. Beautifully dressed with heels right under the sun. ouch! The embarrassment of sweet sweats dropping down my skin can barely be forgotten. But not to worry, if you think it is cool by you,I wouldn’t argue a bit, I will only advice that you are careful not to try that on naija road, or you just might be sorry.

  • Strong perfume

A good smell surely does give good impression. In as much as you want to smell really nice, you must consider the sun and the heat it triggers, hence your perfume must be good enough to erase sweat odors and not fade away to mix with sweat odors, leaving the victim with a much more offensive odor. Put your deodorants and perfumes in consideration during the dry season to avoid discomfitures.

  • Expensive jewelry/bags

suggestivesThe sun is not the best place to showcase expensive jewelries, bags or accessories. Haba! Why take all the pain to do that, when you can actually be as simple as ever and still look amazingly gorgeous? I guess that’s one question you may have to answer for yourself.

  • Caps/hats

Now, here is one of the most ridiculous one of all. Some people wear caps or hats during hot or sunny periods, with hopes that it would hide their eyes from the sun. How weird! It is not only weird, but gainfully ridiculous. While trying to protect the eyes from the sun, did it ever occur to you that your head would be a good partaker of the heat as well? Why not use a sun glass instead, and save yourself the stress. Just saying or better still suggesting.

Bright colors

Most Nigerians like bright colors that would stand them out and cause them to be noticed. But hey! Inasmuch as that seems absolutely chiming and fashionable to you, you have got to watch it. Bright colors are not only attention drawers, but also sweat show casers. As bright as they may be, they brighten every spot of sweat on your skin, leaving you in the most remarkable state, ever.

Nice time as ever on Fashion Pings. You are one comment close to our world. Share your views right away.



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