Secrets To A Happy Marriage
Happy Couple

Great And Wonderful Secrets To A Happy Marriage. Ever Wondered What they might be?

Are there secrets to a happy marriage? We all know how this goes. A guy finds a lady. A lady meets a guy. Before the flying bird finds the next tree to perch, they are crazily in love!

‘Mom! Dad! I’m getting married!’

They’re excited! The expression on their faces reads;

‘Oh I can’t wait to start living together with you, honey!’

‘Me too, Love. Can’t wait to lie beside you and lay my head on your chest, sweetie!’

‘Oh how beautiful it would be to wake beside you after the sweet nights, gaze at your sweet face, and then look through the window and say to the beautiful sunrise, “Hey sunrise, I know you’re beautiful, but my honey is more beautiful!” What a beautiful world we are walking into?’

Viam! Aso-ebi! Wedding rice!

Parents, Relatives, and friends start singing this similar song; ‘Marriage is forever, and you can’t expect happiness all the times with your spouse. Please have patience for one another. Life with your partner  can’t all the times be smooth and sweet, since both of you are from two different backgrounds. ‘ Have the parents shown the would be couple Secrets To A Happy Marriage?

And then, the would be couple starts to think, and little fear for the future sets in.

Really? Who says you can’t all the times be happy with your partner? Yes, of course, life can’t always be filled with happiness, sad times do set in once in a while. But these sad moments may not necessarily be about your ill-feelings with your spouse, but external factors. And you and your spouse, with one heart and everlasting love, stands strong together against these external factors.

Can you always be happy with your spouse? Oh yes! You can!

Did you just ask, how? Chill, I’ll tell you how. I call it Secrets To A Happy Marriage.

To be happy always with your spouse in marriage, two major things are involved.

Secrets To Happy A Marriage
Happy Couple


Folks always make the mistake of thinking that love is all that matters in marriage. Honestly, this would be true, except that the love is nothing but erotic. The good emotions soon die and bad ones set in as days run into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years.

But true friendship last forever, and there is no such better marriage than that of a couple who are friends.

Couples who are friends play together, make jokes out of each other, laughs together, shares thoughts together, and hides nothing from each other. Come rain come sun, such couples are always happy together.

Do you want a beautiful and and happy marriage? Then, marry a true friend.

Older people who tell you that you can’t always be happy with your spouse in marriage, aren’t always right. And you need to know these older people’s marriages were arranged. Women didn’t have that freedom in those days to make friends with the opposite sex, and so it was difficult to find couples who were friends. Ladies are free now. Make friends. Marry a friend.


Couple who know themselves in and out, understands each other. When couple have good understanding of each other, they tend to make excuses for each other’s shortcomings.

They are both compromising for the common good, and non of them always believe everything must be done in his or her way. Lack of understanding on the hand fuels those shortcomings into quarrels, and there is no compromising party.


Do you desire an everlasting happiness in marriage with your spouse? Know the Secrets To A Happy Marriage. Yes, it’s that simple.

Marry your friend.

Understand each other.


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