Relationship by Imitation: Reasons for ‘Break-up’ in Relationships and How You Can Avoid Them (2)

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

Some years back, a female friend of mine said to me; “Skyfoxx, I really want to have a guy in my life, I’m feeling lonely. I need to be a relationship. Look at my flat mate, I envy her; her boyfriend comes around, they play, gist, and he takes her out. But I’m just there, trying to be a good girl, but I feel so lonely. I’m serious, Sky, I’m tired of being a good girl.”

And I said to her; “Really, I understand how you feel. But my problem with your sudden desire is that you’re about jumping into a relationship just because your flatmate has one. However, if you must go into relationship with any guy, be very careful so you don’t make any costly mistake.

The fact that your flatmate has a boyfriend doesn’t mean all is well in her relationship with him; you only see the outside. Calm down, my friend, you’re a beautiful lady with a good heart, and you’re pretty too; when it’s time, you’ll find that right man. It’ll come naturally, and it’ll be beautiful.”

She agreed with me, but momentarily. She soon found this dude and introduced him to me. To her, she’d found the right man, and days of loneliness were gone. But what happened? I saw her one Saturday afternoon with bruises on her left cheek.

This was her explanation; “My boyfriend beat me up. I caught him having sex with another girl. His anger was that I came to his house unannounced; he said I should have called him on the phone before coming to the house. He said I’ve succeeded in breaking his long time relationship.”

There are many young people out there who make this mistake, and it never ends well.

RULE 2: Stay on Your Lane

Patience is a virtue, strive always to have it. Do not jump into any relationship just because your friend is in one. You’re different from your friend, and what your friend needs or have, is not what you’ll need or have.

Keep in mind always who you are, and the kind of man or lady who is worthy enough to fit into your life. Do not leave your beautiful lane and cross onto another’s lane.

Do you know what happens to the rough driver who doesn’t stay on one lane? The road mechanic engineers make money from him; he bashes people’s cars just like he’s bashed behind. If you love your heart, stay on your lane; except you want to have your heart crushed on another’s lane.


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