Reasons Why Your Husband Will Cheat On You

Elizabeth Nnaji


The title above became a necessity, or some sort of balancing between the human genders. Since the last time I wrote an article on Reasons Why Your Wife Will Cheat On You, I have been faced with this question, especially through mails, How About Reasons Why Your Husband Will Cheat On You? It got me laughing, because seriously I don’t think I could ever know why a husband would cheat on his wife. And even though I could know one or two reasons why a man would cheat on his woman, I can never have the major reasons why a man would lock himself in with another woman, because I’m not a man; I’m just a woman. But to satisfy my yearning audience, I decided to throw the question to the men I know, “As a man, what would make you cheat on your wife?” And below are the responses I got.

Charles (Surname withheld)

“For me, it’s really not about sex. I can live with a woman for a year even if she denies me sex, so long as I’m happy with her and there is peace. But I’ll definitely cheat on her when she’s nagging. I can’t stand a nagging person. Nagging brings about disconnection, and as a man you would love to hide somewhere to have some peace and fun with… you know? If your wife is the nagging type. But I thank God, my wife doesn’t nag; we are cool, and cheating on her doesn’t even cross my mind.”

Tayo (Surname withheld)

“Funny enough, I often think of this; what would make me cheat on my wife? My marriage is just about two years now, but basically I think I’ll cheat if those things I found in her that got me attracted to her suddenly seem to be nowhere in her anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the physical changes in her body, for instance fallen breast, of course that’s normal, even I as man would change at some point physically, but I mean for instance, she used to smell nice, dress cute, and perhaps used to have a good sense of humour before we got married, and then she changes after marriage, I think it’s only natural that I thirst for what I used to love.”cheat

Sunday (Surname withheld)

“For me I keep saying it, and I do tell my wife this actually, that, if I catch her cheating on me or I have any reason whatsoever to suspect she’s having an affair outside our marriage, I’ll definitely start cheating on her. I’m serious, I will, and it’s not negotiable.”

Ebuka (Surname withheld)

“Right now actually, I’m having extra marital affair with another lady. And the reason is because my wife is sexually lazy, and I really don’t know where she got this idea that sex is basically for procreation and not fun that should be enjoyed often. If children were the essence of sex, I probably would not have gotten married, I can have children without being married. As a matter of fact, she’s aware of my affair with the other lady.”

David (Surname withheld)

“I’ll cheat on my wife for two major reasons. First is if she stops being friendly and comforting, choosing to become a nagging fowl, and secondly, of course if she can’t satisfy me sexually.”

Edwin (Surname withheld)

“If she changes from the person she was before I married her, to become a different person, and secondly if she nags.”

Rasheed (Surname withheld)

“As a man it’s normal to cheat once in a while. For instance one of the reasons you marry your wife is to cook for you different delicacies, so you don’t have to die of eating only rice, you can also eat eba, amala, semo, and so on. Same way, what your wife offers you in bed is one delicacy, and there are other delicacies to taste outside.”

Tega (Surname withheld)

“I hate anything cheating, but maybe I will if she nags or she’s no longer the person I used to know.”

So, there you have it, directly from the men. I had a disagreement with Mr Rasheed, because I find his reason for justifying extra marital affair archaic and primitive, and selfish. He said to me while we argued; “Lizy, you women don’t want to hear the truth, some men will tell you they cannot cheat on their wives, but they cheat more than I do. They do it to have different tastes. It’s the reality.” Though Rasheed may have a point, but I believe the idea of having extra-marital affairs for the fun of having several tastes is a lack of proper disposition and unhealthy mind-set.

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