Fashion Tips: Who Do You Really Dress Up For?

The other day, while discussing fashion and hairstyles with a group of ladies, the question popped up and I asked them one after the other who they really made the hairstyle to impress. The replies resulted in an argument because someone was insisting that all ladies dress up to impress a man.

Well, there was a heavily pregnant lady among us, who had broken almost all the laws of fashion, dressed in very loose wears, with unlatching odd colours. I noticed she had her hair on low cut, and seemed pretty comfortable with it. So I turned and asked her, who did you cut your hair to please, yourself or your husband? And yes, you guessed right, she definitely cut that hair to feel comfortable with her pregnant condition.

And that is a good thing because when it comes to fashion, who to dress up for matters a lot. What you dress up for matters as well (as in the event or place you are dressing up to go) but that is a discussion for another day on fashion tips.

 Fashion lovers always stand in front of the mirror adjusting, analyzing and scoring their outfit. Having a good dress sense is a thing of the mind. Today’s fashion tip comes in form of a question…??? Who do you really dress up for?

When you pick those clothes from your wardrobe or when you visit the fashion designer to add a new style to your wardrobe, who do you really have in mind to impress?

Some folks dress up to impress their fellow ladies or guys (as the case may be), while others dress up to impress the opposite sex. Some dress up to impress a group or a sect while some do it as a disguise from their true self.

Unless you are role-playing or in a disguise, my honest suggestion is that you dress up for yourself. Look good for yourself in such a way that you appreciate yourself first before any other person does. This naturally gives you an air of confidence when presenting yourself in public. impress

Choosing a style that soothes you best or makes you feel comfortable, other than what someone else wants for you, can make all the difference in your appearance. Have your own unique fashion signature. Know what makes you feel pleased with yourself when you look in the mirror and please don’t buy shoes to impress someone else. Wear shoes that you feel comfortable in.

Don’t just go for things that are in vogue. Dress up to please yourself before you please someone else. And I can give you one major disadvantage of dressing up for others; whenever they talk down your dressing, you feel bad and your countenance goes down too. So, do whatever it takes to maintain a happy face. Remember, a smile is the best accessory to your outfit.


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