Real African Fashion

Allwell Victoria

Just tell me what you think dares to beat the hottest and latest real African fashion trends and I will count you as one of the old school trends. Have you noticed the deep beauty of sticking to African styles lately? It is simply because we rock as Africans and want to tell the world we are coming out strong and they should expect the African fashion bliss, worldwide, in a short while.

You know, I have heard some people say; “fashion is just not my thing”. But hey, fashion to me is life. It is simply expressing your confidence and personality with an evolving story that exhibits culture, art and style (Allwell Victoria, 2016).

It is no lie that clothes can swing moods; they can make you feel great or perhaps; positively or negatively affect your mode of self/mood expression wherever you go. And of course, there is no better sight than the sight of men and women looking smart and gorgeous in their style and apparels, show casing deep confidence in all of it based on their personalities.

Anyways, I suppose you don’t want us boring your eyes with words and no glitter for the eyes to spark. Thus, we have amazing pictures from various fashion shows in Nigeria. And guess what? They are the trending ones that would keep you cool and juice up your eyes with flavors of stunning designs made by Naija fashionistas. It is obvious Naija is going places because one can hardly underestimate what our Ankara and lace fashion can do.  Roll your eyes and enjoy every bit of it here with Cosmic Ray.


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