Should Married Couples Watch Pornography?

Peters Precious Oshone

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 Pornography is a habit that has silently eaten its way into the lives of many men and women. Over the decades, as technology becomes a part of human existence, the rate of pornograhic viewing has greatly increased. Gone are the days where people are shy to approach their local movie vendor for a ‘blue film’ cassette or DVD and so are prevented from accessing what they desire by virtue of their societal status or mere lack of confidence. Nowadays, even pastors can seat in the comfort of their offices and entertain themselves with porn in between counseling sessions. Yes, this has gotten that serious and we owe all the madness to the internet; which we can all access on almost any device around us.

Pornography is a very controversial and meaty topic for discussion, because like any other topic relating to sex, there are always some that hold on to the advantages while others cling to the disadvantages. While many may not support the effects of pornography on an under aged child or a counseling cleric, they might not be very judgmental to married couples that choose to use it as a turn-on.

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Pornography, whether soft or hard, is never a wise choice for any couple; married or unmarried. The aim of these videos are to stimulate your sexual senses through your eyes, making you want to explore or get the maximum pleasure you desire. Love making between a married couple is more about love than personal pleasure. It’s supposed to be a mutually exclusive event where one person is trying to make the other attain pleasure and getting it in return. It’s supposed to be a time when a couple expresses their love to one another in form of sex. But when pornography gets involved, what we have is a selfish experimentation of one partner on another. The person just wants to do it the way he/she is picturing it until they get high. The major problem with this is that, the selfish partner does not care how the other person is feeling about the act. In fact, at that moment they are more or less a sex toy. Now, that’s not what marriage and love making is all about. It’s about mutual respect and genuine love and care.

Pornography can never be a justified vice (anyhow you may put it). Aside the fact most of these people acting these roles are prostitutes and sex partners to all and sundry, what is the sense in watching someone else have crazy sex before you can attain sexual fulfillment. Why not go sort out your personal and marital issues and figure out a way to be more creative and enjoy sex with your partner.

And always remember, pornography is never the right answer to all your sexual questions. It’s a vice, a dirty habit that could become an addiction; lead to molestation, rape, abuse and sexual malfunctions. Stay away from it!


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