The Pains from being a Model in Nigeria (2)

by Kahlan-Queen Chidinma.

Some models (especially females) have mentioned height, skin colour and size as their own challenges. Inadequacy among models is rampant.

Inadequacy is simply the state of being inadequate, unequal to the purpose, insufficient, or deficient. Inadequacy as it concerns models applies in two perspectives.

As imposed by models on themselves.

As imposed by ‘others’ on models.

aaabbbqFirst perfective:I know of a girl who was going for a big deal audition some time ago. Before she even got to the location, she had already given herself a thousand and one reason why she would not qualify. Eventually, she did not qualify.

Now this girl in question was of the exact height and size that was needed, plus she was beautiful. (I didn’t say good-looking, beautiful I mean.)

So why wasn’t she picked?

It’s quite simple. She felt inadequate, so she became inadequate.

Now I don’t want to come off sounding like a shrink or anything, but I’ve always lived by this principle- ‘how you feel is how you are’.

If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful. If you feel fat, you are fat. If you feel inadequate, you are inadequate.

Models should learn to appreciate themselves and strive to be better, to deal with inadequacy by being confident.

Most models impose limitations upon themselves by saying; “I won’t qualify because I’m too fat.” Jeez! Have you seen those other skinny girls?’ …or ‘I’m not pretty enough or tall enough for that job, I don’t stand a chance’.

Well, so what if you are fat? Haven’t y’all heard about plus sized models? All of us cannot be skinny. Who is going to model those outfits for pregnant women and size 16 and above people?

And please don’t tell me about not being light skinned. Agbani Darego is not an ‘oyinbo’.

I guess a write up about self-confidence should be a story for another day, but my point here is, models, no matter how you look, as long as you’ve got the right attitude, self-confidence should never be lacking. Inadequacy should never be your problem.

Check here for the next segment, we’ll talk about the second perspective.


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