How to Care for Your Natural Hair and Still Look Fashionable

Margaret Bailey

 A lot of us girls complain about our natural hair being dry, too thick, difficult to comb and style, which is true. My mum relaxed my hair when I was a child because I was always crying whenever the hairstylist combed my hair and she did what every loving mother would do. She took the advice of the hairstylist which was, ‘’Put relaxer in this child’s hair and stop the pain.’’ In those days, this was hair care.

The pain reduced but you know how it hurts when you comb your hair when it is due for a re- touch.

To cut the long story short, I cut off my relaxed hair years ago and now, my hair is natural.

  I feel so happy and confident with my natural hair. Of course I had problems in the beginning not until I knew how to care for my hair. If your hair is natural and you don’t know how to handle all that kinkiness, here are some of the things I did and you should do to stop the pain and at the same time look fashionable.

                               LIKE SKINCARE, HAVE A HAIR CARE ROUTINE

Shampoo and deep condition your hair every two weeks. Avoid shampoos with sodium sulphate as they make hair dry. You could buy deep conditioning products in stores or better still, make one.


  • Coconut milk and oil
  • Honey
  • Almond oil\ olive oil

Some people suggest adding egg to list but I hate the smell of eggs. Put the ingredient in your natural hair, cover your hair with a shower cap and wash after thirty minutes.

Moisturize your hair everyday with essential oils, moisturizing serum and please do not forget shea butter because it is amazing. Whenever you want to leave your hair for a while without making it, divide your hair into sections and braid before going to bed. The softness of your natural hair will not only be felt by you, but others as well. Enjoy your afro and the comments.



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