My Pregnancy, My Pain

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

At this moment of my life, I’ve learnt not to be too quick in condemning people for their actions, even though every day of my life now, I just can’t stop condemning myself for my action that brought me into this situation. I’ve hated infidelity in relationships, and I’d always condemned my friends for it, that they often call me the Virgin Mary. I wasn’t a virgin though. My Pregnancy, My Pain!

A friend once said to me, ”How would the world be, if you find yourself in the shoe of the one you hate the most?” I’m in that shoe now, and I think it’s an ugly world. It all began after graduating from the university. Collins and I graduated the same year in the same university. We’d started dating in our first year in the university. When we were in our final year, Collins had asked me to marry him, I agreed, and he put a gold ring on my finger. I was so happy. We were so much in love, and this love still lingers on.

Collins is tall, dark in complexion, calm and caring. We’d planned to wed immediately our youth service, we never thought that getting a job was going to be that difficult. I’d written several job test and attended job interviews, all to no avail. Same was Collins, my fiancé. At a time, Collins was getting fed up, but I always encouraged him to try more. ‘Don’t give up, my baby boy’ I told him. Life became so hard and unbearable for me and my family. And the thought that mummy sold her properties to ensure that my younger brother and I went to school after Daddy joined his ancestors, and years after graduation, no job, no money for us to say, ‘mummy, thank you’ and show her how much we also care, seemed to tear my heart apart. I became desperate for job when she took ill, and we had no money to take her to the hospital. We just bought her cheap drugs from a nearby shop, while the search for job continued. A month later, I was called for an interview in an oil company. While I waited for my turn to be interviewed, an elderly man walked in, he was lead in by a number of body guards, and his suitcase was held by his personal aide who walked behind them. The man glanced at me, paused and winked at me, and then walked over to his office. Few minutes later, one of his guards came to me. ”Oga want to see you, he said I should come with you” he said.

”Any problem?” I asked.

”Not at all”

I got up and followed him. When we got to the office, he excused everyone, and asked me to stay.

”What brought a beautiful damsel like you to my company?”

”I came for the interview”

‘‘Oh I see!” he said, staring at my chest. If there’s anything I could reduce in my body, it would be my breast. It’s sometimes embarrassing when you’re in front of people, guys especially, they just focus their eyes on your boobs as if there’s a cinema on your chest, and it sometimes make some idiotic guys to stammer when in front of me.

”Have they attended to you?”

”Not yet, sir”

‘‘Ok.” For a moment, he was silent, and then looked at me, ”What’s your name?”

”Susan… Susan Okoro”

”Well, Susan, this is my company, and I determine who and who not to employ, so I’m making you an offer, if you agree to my terms, you’ll get the job, and you’ll be paid N300,000 monthly for a start.”

”What are the terms, sir’’?

”It’s simple. Meet me in my hotel room at Crescent Hotel by 3pm today; I need you to massage my body.”

 For a minute I was dumb, not knowing what to say.

”Sir, I’m not good at massaging.” I finally said.

”Oh come on! You know what I mean” He chuckled. ”Well, the ball is your court, you give me what I want, and you get the job with a brand new official car, think about it”.

What could this old man possibly do? I thought. Nothing could stand on my way now, I needed the job. I could do anything now to save my dying mum. I got up, picked up my bag, and made to the door. ”Crescent Hotel. 3pm, I’ll be there” I said, and left his office.

In his hotel room and in bed with him, it occurred to me that I had underrated a lion. I screamed when he penetrated into me, his manhood was huge, twice Collins’ size. Even though I hated him for this, I enjoyed every bit of it. I got the job. I was given an official car, and he gave me N500,000 to manage before my salary. Collins was suspicious, but the much attention I gave him, quenched the air of doubt and suspicion. I started living large, now I could give my mum all she needed. The old man never seized to visit the road to pleasure and pain in me, such a sex addict he is. Anytime we met, he never agreed to wear durex; we always had sex without protection. Collins now has a job. He’s well paid. We planned to get married in three months’ time, but now I’m pregnant; pregnant for a sixty-seven year old man. When I told him about my pregnancy, he said he’ll take responsibility. But I’ve not told Collins that I’m pregnant for my boss. I love Collins so much, and I don’t want to lose him. But I’m so scared of abortion. If you’ve read my story, criticise me, condemn me for my action, but please I need your advice, I’m so confused.

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