My Marriage; My Nightmare

Allwell Victoria

What can I say I didn’t have? I had wealth, peace, happiness, good health, and everything anyone would wish for. Most of all, I had God. I lived the most amazing life ever until the worst nightmare crawled into my life. It wasn’t a nightmare of; “If I had known”, because I knew; only I chose to follow it through. Kunle, a dark, tall, handsome man with an angelic smile that stands him out from every other guy I have met, came into my life at a time I least expected to go into any relationship. I mean, my life was a basic concentration. It was all focused on purpose, career and God. I could care less about every other thing.

But then, Kunle came, with this sweet fragrance of warmth and showers of love I could never have imagined in a life time. Of course, at first, I was adamant and hesitant to dance to his song of love. I have always believed such things only happened in movies and fantasies, never in reality. But this was so different. His smiles were all over me, his flavor was a stun my heart could barely deny favor.

Still, I was sure I shouldn’t accept him into my life, at least not without God’s approval. So I kept declining his offers and lure to be his woman.

My family and friends thought I was crazy. “What do you mean you can’t be in a relationship with a guy as sweet and lovable as Kunle? You must be sick within. That, I am sure of”. Dominica, my elder sister had said to me in a rage. One would think that was all, but, of course, it wasn’t. My friends felt the need to talk some sense into my ‘thick skull.’

“There you go again with your usual talk of God told me this, God told me that. For heaven’s sake, is it a crime for a mature lady who has got everything required for every lady to settle down to go into marriage and have a man who would stand by her as she continually pursues her purpose, career and ministry in life? How can you live a life so rigid?” my friend, Ruby, asked.

“Why waste words on someone who has a voice within her that knows best?” Chika said to our friends, hissing loudly, “You get time o.”

“What sort of spirit would tell you not to court a man so gentle, lovable, excellent minded, purpose driven and highly spiritual, if not the devil, himself”. Ruby said, eyeing me this time.

“Ahn! Are you the only Christian in this world? How can you solely depend on what your spirit says all the time? Did the bible not say; test all spirits? Hmm! Please, give me his number, if you are not interested, because that guy is every woman’s dream man. No time to waste o.” Chika added.

Every voice except for the one within me was in support of Kunle being my fiancée. The voices grew louder by the day that I felt a nudge to give it a try. ‘After all, it doesn’t hurt to try’, I thought. Besides, I was becoming more aware of my need for companionship as the days grew. But, that didn’t stop me from praying about it and seeking for confirmation or better still, God’s approval before going into any relationship.

I prayed long hours about it for two months, and those prayer moments were the most silent times I have ever experienced in my prayer life in a long time. I only heard a scripture in my heart once; “If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands that I give you today, the Lord your God would set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessings would come upon you and accompany you, if you obey the Lord, your God (Deuteronomy 28:1&2). I have told you what to do already. Just obey”. And that was the last I ever heard within me, concerning the topic; ‘Kunle’. I couldn’t understand why my Spirit refused granting me approval.

‘I have known Kunle Adegbite for months now and he is a great man who holds God high within and without. He is just one perfect gentle, humble, purpose driven and committed man of God. Why won’t you permit me this one try after a long time failed relationship? If it doesn’t work, all good and fine’, I said to herself.

I soon got into a relationship with Kunle, ignoring the discomfort within my heart. It was one amazing experience ever. My friends and family could tell I was happier than ever. In fact, I was often reminded of the great treasure I would have missed if I had walked out of the opportunity. Truly, my relationship was a blessing and joy I could not deny. Kunle never joked with my pursuits in life. My career, ministry and purpose were as important to him as they were to me. He invested so much of his time, energy and resources into it that I grew faster than I could ever imagine in such a short time. Some friends of mine envied me even more, only, I couldn’t be bothered.

After enjoying the most beautiful courtship ever for a year and three months, Kunle and I decided to get married. Our wedding day was the most exciting day of my life. If anyone had told me long before I met Kunle that being in a relationship could bring so much joy, I would have laughed him or her to scorn, my experience with Kunle changed that perception or mindset completely.

Finally, I had become Mrs. Adegbite. Our wedding night was filled with so much celebration, as we danced, cheered, played, sang and drank with so much joy. That was Kunle’s idea of spending the night. He cuddled me to bed after we had filled our stomachs with so much drink, but made no attempt to touch me further. I tried to imagine why we wouldn’t enjoy the usual wedding night experience couples shared, but was too tired and sleepy to probe, so in just few seconds, I was fast asleep.

It must have been midnight when I heard a strange sound. As one whose sleep is easily perturbed by the slightest sound ever, I woke up in a jolt, my hands reaching for Kunle, who wasn’t in bed. I hurriedly put on the light and stood up in search of Kunle. I looked into the toilet, but he wasn’t there. I decided to check the sitting room. Just when I was about to move out of the door, I saw a drop of blood on the room floor. I jolted again in fear, holding my chest in wonder. While wondering why there was blood on the floor, a deep and awkward voice behind me said; “Looking for something?” The voice didn’t sound like Kunle, so, with so much fear, I turned to look at the owner of the voice. And Jeez! Next thing I knew I did was; scream out loud, my entire body jittering at the beast-like horrible creature standing in front of me with a weird smile. I tried to run but my shaky feet landed me on the ground. I knew my end had come as my head went blank and then black out…

To be continued


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