How To Marry The Man/Woman Of Your Choice

Peters Precious Oshone

Single people often wonder if their marriage dreams and fantasies will ever come true. They have a picture of whom they want to marry and even dream about them. Many theories exist on how to marry the person of your choice. Well, I have a few suggestions for you.

Become the man or woman for the person you dream about: No matter the standards you have raised in your head about the kind of person you want to marry, you can only keep building castles in the air, if you don’t become like that character you’ve painted in your head.

When it comes to marriage, like attracts like. Only two people that reason alike can work together in a marital relationship. You want to marry a decent girl? Be a decent man. You want to marry a God-fearing man? Be a God-fearing lady. You want a wealthy and hardworking spouse? Quit being a lazy bone. Be innovative and start thinking of wealth creation platforms (whether you are male or female).

Don’t be a fake person: Don’t try to act out a script. Be original. Trying to be a churchman or woman because you want to attract a good spouse, might be the worst mistake you’ll ever make. Many people in those shoes, found themselves hooked up to partners that were also pretenders like themselves.

Even if the person you eventually meet is an original, you will end up in a very unhappy marriage if all you did was hide your true self in order to get married.

Stop playing games: Many people end up with spouse they loathe or detest because they had to marry because of a pregnancy or some other marriage trap. Staying focused and true to yourself will help you build up yourself while you await the person of your choice.

Don’t test run every single out there before you eventually decide to get married. It might boomerang and you’ll spend the rest of your life hating the the choices you made.

Stop waiting for Mr and Miss Perfect: It’s not every time one is lucky to find all the right qualities in just one person. Sometimes, you have to create the man/woman you want out of your spouse rather waiting for a perfect person.

If you keep waiting for a perfect angel, you will never marry the humans you are seeing. Because humans are so full of imperfection; some of them we have to live with and others we have to skillfully amend.

Pray for God to lead you: If we genuinely waited for God to lead us through our spirit man, the many mistakes we make in marriage could be avoided. Don’t neglect the place of prayer. While you are waiting and building up yourself for your future spouse, please pray!



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