Marriage Counselor: Good Communication In Marriage

Elizabeth Nnaji

The Marriage Counselor is coming to you here on Cosmic Ray Magazine. I’m going to be talking to you about marriage; how to make it work and enjoy your family, just like I’ve been enjoying mine for the past 15 years, and I still do. Please join me here always, let’s discuss and proffer solutions to our marital problems.

Today, I’m going to be starting with the topic; Communication.

One of the major reasons we have misunderstandings with our partners in marriages is the lack of good communication. So, permit me to ask you here, how good is your communication with your partner?

To have a good communication, three things are vital;

  1. Listening: a good communicator listens more than he/she talks. Such person knows when to keep silence and listen, and when to talk. To understand your partner, you must be ready to pay attention and listen; hear and understand his opinion before you speak. When couples don’t listen to each other during a conversation, there is bound to be a misunderstanding between them more often than usual. Perhaps we might need to discuss how to listen during a conversation on The Marriage Counselor as time goes on.
  2. Body and facial expression: what is your bodily expression during conversation with your spouse? Does your expression suggest listening, understanding, and sharing his/her thoughts? Or are you just there claiming to be listening but it’s just a mere silence when your mind is not there? Are you busy with something and claiming to be listening at the same time? Do you pick up phone calls or are you busy making calls when you’re having a serious conversation with your spouse? Your body and facial expression tells a lot about you during a conversation.
  3. Meekness and choice of words: Sometimes, people get angry, not because of what was said to them, but because of the manner it was said to them. Does the choice of your words convey humility? The choice of words can be good, but if these words do not have meekness with them, your talks can become annoying. Think back, remember that moment your spouse picked up annoyance from what you said and then you were so surprised that you asked; “what have I said wrong?” My dear, you may not have said anything wrong, but how you said it may have been wrong. The choice of your words must also convey humility.

I’ll stop here for now. We’ll continue from here next time, same place here on Cosmic Ray Magazine. Feel free to ask me questions that bothers you about your marriage, by the Grace of God, we shall have the solution to those marital challenges you’re facing. For now, please remember to have a good communication with your spouse. Watch out for The Marriage Counselor.


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