Makeup Mistakes Women Make

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Hey! I understand we have been doing a lot the African fashion talk lately. But, can we be a little more typical about our make-up? Today, I’ll be taking you through the common makeup mistakes we make. The truth is your looks matters to us as much your wears do, any day, anytime, anywhere, especially as an African lady.

Of course, it would be beautifully terrible to sight a well-dressed lady with some annoying makeup look. Gosh! It can’t be less embarrassing. And that’s why we deem it necessary to share with you a few makeup mistakes women make that results to some scoundrel look (chuckles). Pardon me, just kidding, anyways. But you just cannot afford to miss this. So get your eyes ready to grasp every detail below. And just in case you are some brother who would love to spark up the attractive looks of his woman, this is just as good for you as well, (smiles). So, let’s take the train down the railway.

Makeup by BeautbyFiFi (An example of a good and proper makeup)
Makeup by BeautbyFiFi (An example of a good and proper makeup)

 Makeup mistakes women make

  • Stretching the area around your eye to make the perfect wing.

Why is this wrong? Here is why; pulling your eye back when putting on eyeliner would not only break down the sensitive skin and elasticity around your eye, but our Naija beauty expert, Hopelyn Amarachi says if your eye isn’t relaxed when applying makeup, you could end up with a horribly uneven line. In short, it’s a lose -lose situation.

Quick fix: While there are lots of internets tricks out there, that most times results to key makeup fails unless you are a beauty guru. Celebrity makeup artist, Juliet Awoh says using post-its for stencils usually does the trick for creating the wing that is just the right size for everyday wear. What is more is that you will save the skin around your eye and avoid getting a dragged down look when applying eyeliner. Interesting, right? Then try it out.

  • Drawing lines on the entire eyebrow

I can hardly imagine why this shouldn’t be wrong.

How would you comfortably trace heavy lines on your entire brow shape? Here is what that does; it makes it harder to blend and soften them, which means you will most likely end up with an unnatural shape and cartoon-ish brows that don’t match your hair color at all.  Don’t blame your makeup tools or anyone when you turn out looking funny. This is one of the makeup mistakes you must avoid.

Quick fix:

Proper drawing
Proper drawing

When it comes to brows, Juliet says less is always more. Start with a color that is same or one shade lighter than your natural hair color. Instead of drawing a harsh stroke or trying to blend with your finger, use an eyebrow brush and use small strokes on the bottom of your brow and brush upwards. The soft strokes will create an illusion of a fuller look without going overboard while a brush makes it world easier to blend.

  • Applying too much blush too low on your face

A nice rosy hue on your cheeks is supposed to add the finishing touch to your face, not to be the center of attention. Putting brush on a lower part of your cheek can drag your face down and look over done.

Quick fix: Makeup expert Amy Strozzi recommends using a contouring brush and applying color only to the apples of your cheeks, as opposed to the entire sides of your face. This way, your face will be lifted up naturally when you blend and avoid looking over the top and well, like a clown.

  • Using way too many products for contouring

Okay, we get it when you think; ‘what in God’s name is wrong with that?’ I suppose the likes of Omotola Ekehinde or better still Genevieve Nnaji’s face that ever appears perfect is your dream defined look. This is why some ladies spend forever staring at the mirror in the morning. But, the truth is you don’t have to and It’s beyond doubt agreeable that sometimes, if not perfectly done, the result of your look is nasty orange steaks in natural light settings.

Quick fix:  For an everyday morning routine, we have a golden rule three. All you need do is start with your matte bronzer at the top of your forehead and make light strokes down your hairline connecting from your forehead to the top of your cheekbone and your jawline. Blend a little and you are out of the door, looking the best your pretty face can ever be. And hey! It’s not about Omotola or some celebrity, it’s about you. So find the product that best suits your face.

  • Applying lipstick to naked lips

Phew! It can be tempting to do a few swipes after lunch or some coffee break to refresh your look, but here is what some beauty expert thinks; when it comes to makeup mistakes, that’s a big mistake, if you want your color to actually last and apply evenly without smearing or drying out your lips.

Quick fix: While the well-known internet hack may be to dab a bit of primer or foundation on your lips crustier and less luscious-looking. Instead, prep your lips with a pawpaw ointment or light face moisturizer and let it soak in while you do the rest of your makeup routine. After a few minutes, apply your lipstick. The added moisture will ensure your lipstick doesn’t wear off right away and that it glides on much more smoothly and evenly.

  • Using your finger or a sponge to apply foundation on your face

This, I must say is quite pathetic, you can’t possibly get an even result or better still you just might be consuming a lot more than the expected amount to be used.

Quick fix: Here is what you should do, invest in getting a brush. They are easier to use and navigates across your face for better coverage.

  • Testing your foundation on the wrong spot

When on a mission to get a perfect foundation match, some ladies tend to smear a little on their hands, wrists for a quick test before buying. More often than not, doing this can cause you to buy a shade that’s too dark on your face.

Quick fix: Dab a little on your neck and on the outside of your cheek. Your neck color is usually a lighter hue, which means you‘ll be less likely to buy a formula that’s too dark for your face.  Don’t forget it is easier to brush a little more bronzer on your face than to try and lighten a darker formula. Makeup mistakes are readily made when proper attention is not paid to details such as this.

  • Don’t throw away your mascara too soon. If you find your mascara getting a little too clumpy for your liking, put two or three drops of saline solution in the tube and stirring your wand. The added moisture refreshes the formula.
  • Don’t store your makeup products in the bathroom. It sounds strange, but a lot of our makeup products contain natural oil and waxes in them that fluctuates temperature in the summer time, which could get ruined at room temperatures. Moreover, it is best to stick your products containing natural or organic ingredients in the fridge to prolong the shelf life and protect your makeup from being exposed to harmful temperatures. Strive always to avoid these makeup mistakes and be very professional if you are a makeup artist.
Makeup by BeautbyFiFi (An example of a good and proper makeup)
Makeup by BeautbyFiFi (An example of a good and proper makeup)


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