How to Make Your Foundation Look Flawless

Nike Smoothy

Today, foundation is no longer just cosmetic. It protects your face from pollutants and bacteria and gives skin a smooth, even look.

The key with foundation, once you have found the one for you, is not applying too much. It can be tempting to use as much as possible over the entire face, especially when you have a lot of blemishes or pigmentation. But only using it where you need it will keep your skin looking natural and ultimately flawless.

After all, you’re trying to accomplish several different things at once: You want to even out your skin tone, conceal dark spots, erase redness and cover up blemishes, all while without looking like you’ve caked on a mess of products. It can feel like a lot of work to look that effortless. But if you understand a few basics, applying foundation can actually be a breeze.

What you need:

A beauty blender

 Liquid foundation

 Loose powder

A powder brush

A foundation brush

Put a small amount of liquid foundation on the back of your hand and work your foundation brush into it.

Starting at your nose, apply foundation in downward strokes. Work the foundation out from the centre of your face. Only apply the foundation where you have redness.

Go over with a beauty blender to blend and diffuse the product.

Use a brush to dust loose powder on the T-zone makeup


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