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Hello beautiful people! Today we continue our series on how to maintain beautiful feet. Follow me as we look at three very important feet maintenance practices.

  1. Trim Your Toenails Properly: You must trim your toenails regularly to keep them healthy and strong. Use nail clippers only; not your fingernails, scissors or even razor blade. To make the task easier, trim your toenails after taking a shower when they are a bit softer.

Do not trim your nails too short, as this can cause discomfort. Smooth the corners with an emery board or nail file. Never trim at an angle or down the edges as this can lead to ingrown toenails, which can be extremely painful and also disfigure your beautiful feet.

Get help from an expert to treat an ingrown toenail, instead of trying to do it yourself at home. Remember to push your cuticles back, too, and never cut your cuticles. Make sure that you do not push too hard, which can increase your risk of developing an infection.

  1. Daily Foot Massage: Regular foot massages are one of the easiest ways to keep your beautiful feet healthy and free from all kinds of foot problems. A few minutes of foot massage daily provides other benefits too, such as:

– Improving blood circulation to your legs.

– Helping you relax after a long, tiring day.

– Promoting sound sleep.

– Making your ankles strong and flexible.

– Relieving pain and inflammation.

– Reducing discomfort associated with burning feet sensation.

Five minutes out of your busy schedule is enough to massage your beautiful feet daily. Make sure you use warm olive or coconut oil. You can use your hands or a foot roller for your foot massages.

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  1. Wearing Well-Fitting Shoes: Always wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes. They will help you to work without discomfort and will not restrict the movement of your feet in any way.

Poorly fitting shoes, including shoes that are too small, can cause a pain while walking and even lead to blisters and corns. Also, don’t wear oversized shoes;they increase your risk of falling.

Here is how to choose the right pair of shoes for your beautiful feet:

– When buying a new pair of shoes, try on both shoes and walk a few steps to see whether they are comfortable.

– Choose materials that allow your feet to breathe and mold well to the shape of your foot.

– When shopping for a new pair of shoes, go in the late afternoon or evening. After a long day, feet tend to swell a little and your shoes need to accommodate this natural occurrence.

– Wear different types of shoes for different purposes, such as running shoes for a morning walk, high heels for parties and flats for daytime use.

– If you are prone to sweaty feet, look for shoes made of mesh fabrics so your beautiful feet can breathe out.

– Avoid shoes that can make your feet hot on a sunny day, to prevent foot odor or a fungal infection.

– Wear high heels and pointed shoes for special occasions only, and avoid wearing them for long durations.

Watch out for more in our next edition of how to maintain beautiful feet. Cheers!


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