A Letter To My Unborn Daughter

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys


My Dear Cutie Daughter,

I trust you’re doing great over there in Heaven. I know your only worry is that you can’t wait to come and see daddy; and you keep wondering why daddy hasn’t sent a mother to take you from there. Don’t worry, she’ll come. But I trust the Blessed Virgin Mary is taking good care of you over there; she’s the best mother anyone can have.

Oh, lest I forget, sometime ago, you appeared in my dream and told me Heaven was becoming boring for you. Really? What’s up with the Angels? Aren’t they singing hymns anymore? Oh, you think the hymns are boring? So you want to leave there and come here to start dancing ‘Azonto’ and ‘Skelewu’, right? No problem, you’ll come.

My love, I have certain things to teach you, and that’s why I’m writing you this letter. It’s a very lengthy one, and I pray you’ll be patient enough to read it all. It’s my hope you’ll keep these letters I write you, safe and always reflect on them when you eventually come to this world.

You see, something really baffles me about today’s girls. Some of them seem to be so much concerned about the size of their breast and butt, because they believe it’s what the guys want. Those of them who are lucky to have either of the two or both (in big size) seem to believe they have the world under their feet; whilst those who have misused their once firm big apple balls and had them deflated now use push-up-bras to give the hanging pawpaw fruits on their chest some confidence they have naturally lost. And do you know what’s most annoying? It’s seeing a young girl unhappy because she feels she’s not naturally endowed, and she tend to believe it’s the reason she’s yet to meet a guy that will marry her. She’s so damn wrong!

My love, well, I don’t know the size of butt and breast God will give you  as you’re coming, but I want you to know it doesn’t matter. Small, very tiny breasts, or flat butt, my dear, it doesn’t matter. Those are not what defines you as a woman. It is not the weight of your breast, nor the weight of your butt that makes you who you are as a woman, but the weight of your brain and attitude. And who is a woman? She is a powerful divine creature with a pure big heart of mercy to love unconditionally; faithful, generous, and respectful. Any girl that has these, has got every good man under her feet. The beauty of a woman is not in her outward look, but within ‘inside’ her. The problem usually, is that most women are yet to discover the enormous power God has given to them.daughter

Instead of worrying about the tiny breast and flat butt you have, worry only about your attitude. If your attitude is not friendly, please change it. Do not imitate the regular  today’s girl that says; “If he loves me, he should take me for who I am.” My dear daughter, even God that loves you the most can’t take you for who you are if your attitude is ugly, He wants you to change and be a better person. And never you listen to your friends that will tell you this; “Just Be Yourself.’ My dear, please, be yourself, only and only if being yourself is human friendly. If we all desire to be ourselves the way we are, the monsters in us will create a dangerous world. So, please, be good. Live right.

Do you know what some women say? They say you just have to accept that men are he-goats and sex is all they want. And then I ask, ‘so you have chosen to become a she-goat for every he-goat to penetrate?’ If the he-goat isn’t sure the nanny goat will lower her waist for him to climb, he’ll be gentle and move on: not thinking about sex. But the he-goat is very sure that the nanny-goat is as promiscuous as he is. So, I tell these girls who think this way, to examine their lives before condemning the guys they mess around with. Do not take what’s abnormal to be a norm and accept it. Live right, my daughter.

My love, I saw Angela (an old school mate) last week. She used to be the prettiest girl then in our school days. Angela was damn curvaceous and had almost every guy drooling over her, and so she lost focus. Guess what, when I saw her, the big butt she had is no more, and her breasts were hiding in shame under her shirt; her chest is like that of old grandmothers. She is married to one jobless Yoruba man with big empty pot-belly playing the ludo and the draft game all day with his jobless neighbours. Do you know I saw fresh bruises on her face? The husband beats her. Angela is suffering!

And you know what? There is Abigail whom almost every guy didn’t associate with then, because she wasn’t pretty. She had tiny breasts and a flat butt. But she was very beautiful! She is now a big business lady having staffs she pays salaries, and she’s happily married. The boys didn’t see her beauty, but a man saw her beauty. And you know what? Wealth has brought out her flesh. Her breasts are no longer tiny, neither is her butt still flat. No! She’s gorgeous!

So, my love, strive always to be smart, intelligent, and beautiful. I love to see young girls that are focused and doing excellently great in their fields. I hope you’ll be one.

And again, please choose friends wisely. Do not mingle with gossiping fellows; they have no better job than gossiping. Move only with friends that have good vision. Yes, a whole lot of people who call themselves your ‘friends’ will leave you when you’re trying to be good, but don’t worry. You don’t need the crowd, you only need a true and dependable friend, and God.

Lastly, you must avoid sagging. This you must know will reduce people’s perception for the quality of person you are within to zero. Sagging your dress to show your cleavage and more than half of your boobs outside for the public to feed their eyes will not get you the right man. It will only fetch you numerous wrong men, and each will eat from the pot of honey betwixt your legs and leave you to become an old fool still warming boys’ bed hoping that one of them will marry you. Even the bad guy needs a good lady she can trust for a wife. Men do not have trust for cheap women.

Now, let me tell you how the good and right thinking guy thinks when he sees a lady sagging for an advert purpose. He says; “I’ve seen the stuffs already, so what’s special about it that’ll make me go there? Nonsense!” He looks away, and then he sees a girl with confident chest (the one my village call Atsakpameghe), but well covered. And then he is arrested by curiosity; perhaps he wants to see those two big oranges giving that chest some marvellous confidence which are hidden in well-sized bra and top. Then he gets close to her with respect and try to be her friend as his first move, because this type of girl can’t be talked to anyhow. She commands respect. I tell you most solemnly, that before the guy will see those two blessed things, he would have known who she truly is, and if she’s a virtuous lady with an impeccable attitude, then those two secret fruits and what she has in-between her legs no longer matter to him as the person in her. He is in love, and desires to marry her. Curiosity! You see, my dear, do not sag to advertise your curves. Your attitude is the advert that people must see.

That will be all for now, my love.

Oh I didn’t tell you that Nigeria is suffering from Economic Recession. My dear, it’s a sad situation. Do you know the funny thing? Each time I enter any banking hall, the queue is usually so long. I wonder why they’re in queue, because everyone is complaining that there is no money. Perhaps they are hoping the bank has mistakenly deposited someone else’s money in their accounts. Anyway, in this tough economic situation, you can’t blame anyone for hoping for a miracle.

Stay blessed, my Love.

Please don’t forget to live right. You have nothing to lose by living right; but you have a whole lot to lose by living a dangerous life. And if you’re pretty and having sexy curves, oh wonderful; bless God, but do not rely on just being pretty, strive to be beautiful. Beauty is a virtue and it’s divine. It’s not the physical appearance. The only ugly woman in the world is the one with a messy attitude. Be wise.

Bye for now.

Your loving dad, Skyfoxx.


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