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Looking into Male Sexual Health: Premature Ejaculation (PE)

042514-Health-Happy-Couples-Cuddle-at-NightWhat’s the No. 1 sexual issue that men face today? OK, chances are most of you said premature ejaculation. It’s time to stop avoiding the issue and look at it. Why? For the simple reason that we only live once and having the best possible sex life should be an item on our bucket lists. Premature ejaculation, defined by some as orgasm after less than two minutes of intercourse, affects one in three men. Wow, that’s not a sexy
definition. Personally, I define it as you come quicker than you or your partner wants.
Finding ways in overcoming premature ejaculation should start with understanding why it happens. Most often, the factors that lead to premature ejaculation are psychological in nature, although several health problems can also lead to untimely ejaculation for men. Psychological factors contribute mainly to premature ejaculation, thus many treatments also involve psychotherapy and some relaxation techniques to help you get calm.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

1. Learned Patterns of Masturbation: As masturbating teens, most males learn quick, surefire ways of getting off before getting caught. These responses become almost reflexive in nature, making it very challenging to unlearn them.

2. Stress/Anxiety: Both stress and anxiety activates a more cerebral part of the brain, which overrides the reptilian part responsible for controlling arousal.

3. Control Issues: A male who derived passive pleasure from urinary control as a kid can get used to “letting things go” even as an adult, often for the same controlling reasons, however subconsciously.

4. Unreliable Erections: When a man can’t trust his erections to last for as long as he’d like, he may fire when he still has a chance, before he loses his erection.
5. Aging: Older men often have lower libidos, lower penile sensitivity, and fewer outlets, making them push things a bit too hard when they actually have an opportunity.

I’ve covered the causes of premature ejaculation, so read on for the solutions.

Solutions for Premature Ejaculation No matter what the cause, with a little tweak here and a little squeeze there, you’ll be able to hit a solution that works for you. Here are a few things to try out.

Things You Can Do to Overcome PE:

1. Conditional Retraining: Men become conditioned to go off in specific ways — learning new ways to respond can alter their surefire mechanisms and thus slow them down. For example, if you masturbate with the same hand every time, try switching to the other; or learn to bring yourself to the point just before the moment of inevitability and then stop stimulating
yourself until you go soft, then start up again. This will allow greater and greater control over time.

2. Stop and Go Technique: The Pubococcogyeus (PC) muscle controls all functions in the pelvic; if you can learn to use it to control the flow of your urine, you’ll be able to control your semen flow as well. So whenever you pee, try stopping yourself mid-flow, count to three, and then start up again. The more you practice with it, the better control you’ll have over
your PC muscle and thereby ejaculation.

3. The Squeeze Technique: Any pressure applied to the freanulum the junction just below the head — can stop a man from reaching orgasm, by blocking sensation in one of the most sensitive areas. So, just as you feel yourself getting close, you may want to pull out, apply pressure there for a few seconds and then re-enter her, while she lays real still, minimizing
4. Arousal Control: During masturbation, a man can practice decreasing his arousal bit by bit, one point at a time, on a mental scale between 0-10, thereby learning better control, which can be eventually applied during intercourse.
5. Relaxation techniques and deep breathing: Overcoming premature ejaculation may be as simple as finding a good relaxation technique also. If one of the major causes of premature ejaculation is anxiety, for sure, any relaxation technique would be helpful. Learn meditation or some deep
breathing exercises that can help you relax and relive tension. You can also seek help from a therapist for some advice on how to do guided meditation directed to overcome your ejaculation problems.

Try the above given technique and I guarantee you that if your premature ejaculation which was basically due to anxiety, excitement, wrong masturbating technique, within fewer days you will be relaxed and will be having extended intercourse.

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