Kim Kardashian To Get Justice

Vickie Oyedunle

Kim Kardashian can now be rest assured that the criminal elements who robbed her in Paris will soon be brought to justice. She’s not alone in the desire to see justice delivered; the image of Paris is at stake.  Paris police chief, Christian Sainte, disclosed today that a professional team is committed to nailing the criminals.

“It’s important because of the implication; is Paris secure? It’s important economically, so that’s another reason it’s important for us to solve this case” the police chief explained. Paris is said to have lost up to $1 billion in tourism revenue due to the 2015 terrorists attack on the city. Kim Kardashian being robbed again in the city brings the security in France to question.

Recall that Kim Kardashian was robbed of jewellery worth $11 million at gun point earlier this month.


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