Jennifer Komla

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

Jennifer Komla

She’s the eyesore of gazing eyes

Lost in darkness and running from the lights

The cloud that mustn’t be seen in the skies

A sheep straying into the wolf’s might


Jenny Komla

Nicknamed Jenny Sinner

She’s adjudged a chronic fouler

Norms defaulter

A glowing butterfly clapping its wings into fire

They call her


When the fingers of the evening sun beckoned

She entered her revealing dress in calling for diamond

And passing by a group of self-holy ones

They say;

‘Hey, look, the whore and chair lady of whores. She can’t love a man.’

‘Oh! Whores do not love!’

‘And whores do not raise family too. What a condemned sinner a whore is?’

They all laughed and mocked her


Then she stopped and walked closer to them


She smiled and said;

You don’t blame me

My heart is too damaged to carry love

I have no heart for love

My life has been too battered

I have no dignity to preserve nor shelter

You judged me a sinner

But I rejoice when I’m judged by sinners

Knowing that Heaven watches us all.


From a far distance, you judge me

You know nothing about me

Yes, I’m a sinner

And everyday I beg for the Lord’s mercy

At 16, I was orphaned by gunmen who took away the lives of my parents


Where you there

When three men raped me almost to death?

Where you there

When the pastor I thought I could call a daddy turned me into a sex machine?

Where you there

When at 17, the pastor’s wife threw me out into the street to suffer?

Where you there

When my mates were in school and I was roaming the streets begging for meal?

Where you there

When I was gang-rapped by thugs who had me pregnant?

Where you there

When at several times I attempted to kill myself?

Where you there

When I almost lost my life giving birth?

I am a single mother

Who would marry an illiterate single mother?


Oh you self-righteous ones

Which of you here is holy?

Mr. Patrick, here you are with your wife

But three times you have had me in bed

James, doesn’t your wife satisfy you in bed?

Because you spend longer hours of the night with us in the brothel.

Angela, your husband works his ass out to make you happy

Here you are with a little boy; Oh he does it better than your hubby?

Ella, you’re looking all holy

Have you gone to pick the bra you left in Tony’s room?

And as she turned to walk away, she added;

Hey John, I trust you’re coming to pick your ID card you left in the brothel.

And as she walked away

You could appreciate the meekness of silence.









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