Jealousy: Reasons for ‘Break-up’ in Relationships; How You Can Avoid Them (4)

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jealousy in marriage
Remember always that you and your partner aren't the only people in the World, you'll always communicate and relate with others, same or opposite sex.

You don’t want your partner to be seen around or with the opposite sex? When you see your spouse talking to the opposite sex, suspicion creeps in; he/she is ‘cheating’. Oh that’s EJ! Excessive Jealousy!

You follow your partner around, and when you’re not with him you monitor him/her with phone calls; if he/she doesn’t pick, he/she is with someone else ‘cheating’ on you. The ugly scent of jealousy is gradually taking over your senses.

When your partner comes back or later pick your call, you baptize him/her with an unquantifiable amount of vituperation. And at every point you are with his phone, all you do is to search through his chats, messages, looking for something to prove your spouse is cheating. Yeah?

You are messing up with your partner’s freedom, and the time for your spouse to seek a total freedom which could end the relationship or marriage is just a ticking time bomb; trust me, it’ll explode.

RULE 4: Cut down the jealousy

Jealousy can be romantic, but when it’s excessive it can do worse harm than a rampaging wildfire.  Everyone naturally loves freedom, and God Himself who created and owns you, gave you freedom.

Your partner is not an expensive jewelry to be worn around, and when it’s not on your neck or wrist, it is kept at a safe place in the room where no one else can reach and touch it. Recognize that your partner is human who appreciates freedom.

When freedom is caged, boredom naturally sets in, and no one wants to wallow in a boring relationship laden with excessive jealousy. Give your partner some space; the world is not made of just you and your partner.

Instead of being the anchor of excessive jealousy by tying him/her with a very short rope, throw that unholy duty to your partner to secretly do the jealousy by offering him/her a long rope to play around. This is what usually happens when you give your partner a good space to explore his freedom; he/she gets enshrouded with the feeling that with or without him/her, you have a life, and then this partner starts to feel he/she might not be the only one in your life. Once your partner starts to think this way, two things usually happen;

He/she gives you an undivided attention more than ever before.

He/she becomes the jealous one.

If you give yourself to excessive jealousy and possessiveness, so much you don’t give your partner a breathing space, you give your partner the believe that without him/her, you have no life, and if such partner is the stubborn or proud type, he capitalizes on your weakness and have your emotions tortured. What happens next? You’ll resort to nagging, and no one needs a nagging bug for a wife or husband.

Therefore, obey this rule and stop being excessively jealous. If you must jealous, let it be moderate and romantic.

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