Importance Of Listening During A Conversation Betweeen Couples: The Marriage Counselor

Elizabeth Nnaji

Hello dear people! I trust we are all doing great. We continue on our earlier topic; Communication. Today, we shall be focusing on the importance of listening during a conversation with your spouse. The mistake some of us married folks often make is acting the Mr. or Mrs. Know It all by talking endlessly without listening to our partner. It becomes even worse when both partners talk without listening to themselves.

Importance Of Listening

  1. Understanding each other: Without listening to your spouse, you build giant walls against understanding. When there is no understanding, discord ensues. When a partner feels not being understood by her spouse, it troubles his or her emotion. He or she becomes overly defensive over minor issues. This is not healthy for the home. Do you desire to be understood? Start by listening. Allow the listening habit to influence your spouse to become that person that listens. To avoid discords, unnecessary disagreement, couples must learn to listen to each other. No matter how wise and knowledgeable you are, you must listen to your partner.
  1. Trust: When a partner discovers he or she is being listened to, there is tendency for him or her to confide on her spouse. He or she feels free to speak all in the mind, thereby, revealing secrets to the listening spouse. The fact that the spouse is listening, makes the partner feels he or she could trust the listening spouse with even sensitive information. Your partner may never trust you with secrets if you are not the listening type. You want to be trusted by your spouse? Then start listening.
  1. Intimacy: A lot of people don’t know this. Listening during a conversation with your spouse can be cute and romantic. First of all, we must understand that communication isn’t all physical; it’s a mind work. A good communication attracts two hearts, often in unison. When you genuinely listen to your partner during a conversation, your inner feeling about what your partner is saying is expressed in the physical by your body expression. Those physical expressions in turn brings forth thoughts that is impressed on your partner’s mind; thoughts of love. Listening to your partner draws him or her closer to you. Listening enhances attraction, hence intimacy. You’re wondering why your partner isn’t close to you, right? You might need to look into your listening skill, how good it is.

The importance of listening between couples is enormous. Let’s stop here for today. In our next discussion, I shall be talking to you on how to listen. The Marriage Counselor on Cosmic Ray Magazine  is here, just for you, and cares for your marriage.




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