Ime Bishop To Lai Mohammed: Bring Our President Back First, And Take Treatment In Nigeria, Then We Can Talk.

Josephine Ajulo

Reactions continue to trail the Federal Government’s proposed ban on Nigerians shooting music videos and movies outside Nigeria. Some Nigerian celebrities have expressed their disagreement with the Federal Government’s plan. The latest is coming from Ime Bishop Umoh, popular known as Okon. The comic actor in a video posted on his instagram page stated; “Honestly, I’m not happy the way they’re talking about this thing that Lai Mohammed said we should not be going outside the country to shoot music videos and films. It is not right. We should stay here and do our films. Why should we go outside and to do our films when they have told us not to go? We should be obedient children. But the kind of films we are going to be shooting, Oga Lai, the kind of films we are going to be shooting is going to be a different write-down. In Lagos, we are going to be shooting movies like titanic, films about flood. In the North, we will show war films. And also, he that comes to equity must come with clean hands, so, you’ll bring our president first and take treatment in Nigeria, and then we can talk.”

Ime BishopToIme Bishop also wrote;

“No one has sugar in his mouth and spits it out and yells ‘bitter’. If that happens, it could well be that the person has taken a stroll away from his mind or has got his taste buds faulty. Which true compatriot wouldn’t want to patronize things made in Nigeria? None! The position of the Federal Government in the light of not going out to produce video contents and bring back to sell in Nigeria is just like putting the cart before the horse. The features that are majorly seen in videos are the environments. Let’s just match the infrastructure here with the ones we see there, then we will be okay. Let’s us check the hostilities of the street gang members (agbero) here in Lagos who will stop at nothing to frustrate filming. Also, before I forget, can we stop taking out our crude and bringing back refined fuel? And lastly, bring our daddy back from his foreign hospital to take treatments back home. Let’s come to equity with clean hands.”



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