I’m In Love With A Prostitute, And I Want To Marry Her (2)

Aviomoh Skyfoxx Krys

I did what I usually don’t do when I come here to pick women; I stretched out my hand towards her. “I’m Collins,” I said as she welcomed my palm into her soft palm and grinned.

“What’s your name, pretty?”

“Is it my name you want or sex?” she said.

I stared into her eyes; they were brighter than a cloudless sky.  “Okay, shall we?” I gestured, pointing to my car. She said and followed me. This night, I didn’t bother to carry two or three prostitutes home. Her beauty and sexy curves quenched my thirst for more.

“A night is N5000. Deal?” she said before entering my car.

“Yeah, deal.”

We got to my house and had our baths separately. She’d insisted she took her bath separately. There was this thing about her I could not fathom; a hidden treasure, my mind could tell. The aura around her was something I have never seen in any woman; yet, she was a prostitute.

It was time for action. She took off her under-pant, rolled up her miniskirt, but left her top covering her chest. She climbed to the bed; spread her thighs and her mouse staring at my curious face.

“That’s the internet you’re paying for. Enjoy browsing,” she said, throwing her face aside and facing the wall.

“That’s it? Ain’t you gonna take off your top and bra?”

“Nope. My breast is the pride I have left now.”

“So, how am I supposed to enjoy this without them? You have to be completely nude; it’s part of the deal.” I demanded.

She got down from the bed, wore her pant and rolled down her miniskirt. “Please take me back, or you give me money to transport myself back,” she said, picking up her bag.

“Come on! Okay, how much will you take to uncover them?” I asked, pointing to her breast.

“Mr. Man, my breasts are not for sale. Not even for a million naira,” she reaffirmed her words. I sat on the edge of the bed wondering what to do with her. Does a prostitute have any pride to protect? I asked myself. “Mr. Man, you’re wasting my time; I need to get another customer for the night.” She said. Her sharp eyes cut into me, and I just could not let her leave. I picked up my wallet and gave her N8000. “So, do you agree to my terms now?” She asked me, counting the notes.

“Not really; but it’s okay.” I told her.

“I hope you’re not planning to drug me tonight so you can get all you want.”

“No, I can’t do that. Sex is better enjoyed when both parties involved are participating, and not when one is lying on the bed like the log of a tree.”her

She threw N3000 back at me. “It’s N5000 we agreed on, not N8000” she said, stuffing the N5000 into her bag.

“Come on, take it. Consider the N3000 as a little gift.” I told her.

“No, I’m not a beggar; I’m just an unlucky one. I won’t take it. But thanks though.”

There was this innocent look that glistened on her face, which threw swords of compunction at me whilst she again took off her under-pant and rolled up her miniskirt. I just remained seated on the edge of my bed, sternly staring at her.

“What are you waiting for? Enjoy your money.” She said, taking her earlier posture on the bed.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“I can’t tell you that.” She said.

I made to my wardrobe to pick a shirt. I’d been in my boxer shorts. “You’re a pretty girl. One of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen, I must confess.” I told her while putting on my shirt. “And I can see, as far as my mind can tell, that you’re endowed with the ingredients of beauty…”

“Story!” she said.

I went on, ignoring her comment. “But what I don’t know is the mystery you carry which I hope to unravel. Can I ask you a question?”

“You can, but I’m not guaranteeing you an answer,” she said.

“How did you get into this? I mean this work.”

“Sorry, I can’t talk about that.”

“Please, I really want to know. Perhaps I can help.” I said. She laughed and got down from the bed.

“There was a time I needed help from people. All I ever got was total rejection from everyone I approached.” She said, sinking her butt to the edge of the bed. She added, “I don’t need that anymore.” She looked at me, “At least I’m still alive. I’m surviving.” She said, picked up the bottle of wine on the stool by my bed and poured some in one of the two glasses and gulped it.



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