I’ll Make European Sisters Fall In Love With African Fashion

Allwell Victoria

Okay, this is absolutely laudable to the eyes. Isn’t apparent that the African style is a splendor of beauty? Oh my! Even the European ladies look gorgeous in it. Wow! I better not shout. Isn’t there something explicitly different about African wears? As you can see it is ever willing to showcase your beauty and style.

Anyways, our white Naija lady is no ordinary lady at all. In fact, she is a white woman on a white mission. And her mission is to show the world the positive side of Naija/African fashion which is most times ignored.

Let’s just say the genesis of this amazing beauty my eyes cannot fathom is; ‘Love’. As the famously called; ‘white Naija girl’ is married to a Yoruba man and has come to know as well as respect the Nigerian culture. According to her, the Nigerian culture is one that brims with energy, beauty and spirit. She is known for her in and out travels in her quest to learn as much as she can of the Nigerian African fashion style and share the much with the European girls. The picture below is a typical example of what she has showcased of Naija fashion to the Europe girls, so far.African Fashion The story shared above is a wake call to the many or few Nigerian personalities that seem to care less about the African apparels. Trust us when we say it sings loud the beauty you carry from inside out.

So, just in case you are pondering hard on the next trendy wear to rock, Naija African wears are just around your door step. Simply fit your amazing body into one and watch it fit you into the gallant beauty you are.

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