Having a side chick, for many men, is normal, and they can’t do without having one or many. Wives hate their husbands for this, and some married women can go to any length to stop their husband from dating a side chick, but usually the wrong way.

The issue of men’s infidelity is one of the most difficult and challenging moments that women go through in their marriages. Is it possible to discourage a man from extramarital affairs? Yes, it is.

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To keep a man from side chicks, the wife must first ask herself the following questions?

Why is my husband having a side chick?

What’s in her body that is not in mine?

There are many other questions you can possibly ask yourself. But let’s look at the above questions.

Why is my husband having a side chick?

Examine your conscience and also go through the reservoir of your memory. Think of the person you were before you got married. Are you still exactly the same person?Of course you now have children and your body shape cannot be exactly the same anymore, and that’s never really a problem.

Do you still dress the same way? Were you very good in conversation then with a good sense of humour? Are you still good with chitchats with him? Do you nag? Think of those things you probably do which he doesn’t like. Be honest with yourself.

When you have successfully identified the reasons for the whys, then make efforts to readjust yourself or become a better wife by making sure that the reasons for the whys are removed.

side chick

What’s in her body that is not in mine?

Usually, we women are always tempted to believe that our husbands are following the side chicks because they are prettier and have better curves than we do. But that’s usually not the case, as we have seen men with wives who can win the Miss World Beauty Pageant, dating a side chick far less pretty than the wives.

At the end of it all, it comes down to a woman’s romantic vibes and sex! Nothing interests a cheating husband in a woman than these. Men love ecstasy and a feeling of fantasy: give it to them and they are super-glued to you.

As a wife, are you romantic at home? What do you wear at home? Well, make sure you’re not wearing religious-like dresses before him at home. Wear revealing clothes when at home with him only, and in the room a simple and cute bikini wears are perfect: be his best program on TV which he can never take his eyes off. Be better than a side chick.

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Are you a missionary sex partner who only waits for your husband to do the work in bed? Come on, lady, don’t be a log in bed. It is called sex, not rape, and both of you have roles to play to enjoy a good sex. Give it to him hot. Give him different styles. Let him explore your sexual organs to his satisfaction, explore his own too. Be a professional sex partner. Don’t just be a wife in bed, be a professional ‘whore’ in bed with him. Give him the sex that no other woman can give him outside. If you don’t know how, then get professional sex tapes and watch. Be very creative in bed. Treat your husband with an undiluted sexual ecstasy such that every day he leaves home, he can’t wait to come back to your warmth.

Don’t let your husband lose his focus on you for a side chick. Whatever side chicks can offer, you can offer far much more.

Elizabeth Nnaji

Marriage/Relationship Counsellor  


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